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Is it bad to insert adderall into your anus?

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1) in general, inserting anything into the anus has some risks and the more often you do it, the more likely you may cause an injury. 2) Adderall is a prescription amphetamine-containing drug; rectal mucosa generally rapidly absorb drugs into the blood stream. "Kiestering" anything not meant as a suppository drug can be dangerous. Adderall is linked to psychotic episodes, so possibly more so. Bad is a judgmental term. It's illegal to insert adderall into your anus; doubly so if you have illegally obtained the drug without a prescription. It's naughty in general to insert anything in your anus, for pleasure or for drug abuse. Naughty isn't always bad...but in this case, the activity should be rethought for safety and health purposes.

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Can you insert a baseballbat in a mans anus?

You can not insert a bat into the anus.

What is the best way to insert a tampon in the anus?

is there a special way to put a tampon in my anus

How do you give an anal?

You get the penis erect and insert it into the anus.

Is Adderall as bad for you as methamphetimine?


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Is it harmful to infect your own semen in your anus?

You can't "infect" it into your own anus but insert it and it wont be harmful. It will come back out though.

Can you put a tampon in your anus?

You could physically put a tampon in your anus, but you shouldn't.Tampons are supposed to be inserted vaginally, if attempting to insert a tampon for it's intended purposes then you should know where the vaginal opening is located so know not to insert into the anus. You will also be able to feel if you are accidentally inserting the tampon into the anus.

How should a man insert his penis in a person's anus?

Slowly with plenty of lube.

Is it safe to insert your hand in your anus for self prostate exam?

yes have fun

Is putting a carrot in your anus bad?


How do you put a butt plug in the anus?

You lubricate it and insert is slowly to prevent damage to the sphincter.

What is the safest animal to insert into your anus?

A human male, but only up to his pubic area.

What is the thickest cock an anus can take?

It depends on the individual, the time taken to insert it, and experience.

Get a bad drug test taking Adderall and Claritin?

adderall is amphetamine showing up in drug test as meth

Bad drug test from taking adderall and Claritin-d?

yes adderall will show up as meth!!

Adderall have a bad comedown?

Yeah, you want more.

Would anything bad happen if you filled a tampon with toothpaste and put it into your but?

I'm not sure why you would want to insert a tampon into your anus, least of all why you would firstly put toothpaste on the tampon - but potentially it may be bad for health. The toothpaste could sting the mucus membranes in your anus, but the main issue would be that the tampon could dry-out and damage the tissues in your anus - this could cause discomfort, infection, and risk toxic shock syndrome.

What is pleasure beads?

They are usually plastic beads on a plastic string. The beads insert into the anus for pleasure.

Can quitting Adderall lead to depression?

I take Adderall, and i quit it on a regular basis. One of the symptoms of Adderall is actually depression. and every time I quit, I was happy, until something bad came about.

If you insert your penis into your girlfriend's anus will she will get pregnant?

No never because egg are only moving in vagina Prabu

Is it bad to take adderall 30 mg and ox 30mg together?

No, it is not bad. You will enjoy the time of your life.

Women have two holes.front and back.what they are called and where to insert penis to make women pregnant?

To make her pregnant you insert the penis in the vagina, the front. The back one is the same you have, the anus.

Why is it bad to tear your anus?

If you tear the anus, you could have bleeding, itching, and burning pain. You also risk serious infections.

Is adderall bad to take while taking progesterone pills?

No, it's not bad. In fact it may make the adderall more effective. It activates the neuroreceptor sites that are stimulated by amphetamine. So while it's not necessarily bad, your dosage may need adjusting. And furthermore your symptoms requiring the adderall may be better managed with balancing of your hormone levels.

Is it bad to shave around the anus?

No, it's even healthy.