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Unions are always better;

Union electricians, members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, make a lot more in wages and benefits than non-union electricians


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Depends on the local market. In a large city there is more work for a union electrician on large construction projects. In a more suburban or rural area a union electrician may be out of work more than a non-union electrician since most projects are smaller and cost is a big issue. Some electrical contractors work in both worlds, their workers get paid union rates on prevailing wage projects and a lower rate on non prevailing wage projects. Most of these contractors are non-union since the union usually won't work for less money.

So union members make more when they work but they may not work as much as a non-union experienced electrician depending on the local market and the contractor they work for.

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Q: Is it better to be a union electrician or a non-union?
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