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First, talk to the lender and find out where they would want the car brought to, Second, before you take it there, make sure the paper work is there and ready for you to sign, third, make sure you clean out the car before you get there and fourth, make sure someone is still in the car when you go in just in case the paperwork isn't ready. If there is not paper work for you to show that you are signing it over, don't leave the car. Please remember--no matter what--this will show up as a repo- voluntary or not on your credit reports, AND your co-signers if you have one. It would be better to try to make arrangements to keep the car unless it was a lemon to begin with. Either way you are going to pay--credit wise and pobably deficit-wise. Meaning that if the car is auctioned or sold off and a balance is remaining, you will have to pay that balance--that is why it may be better to keep the car. Good Luck! Yes. Most of the time if you don't "hide" you car or give it up when the repo-man arrives, you may be able to redeem your car. yes. you can avoid embarrassment by taking it to the dealer nearest you; of course, the same make dealer.rather than allowing some tow truck to get it. Dont ever just drop your vehicle off at a dealer. Some major lienholders will tell you to take it to a dealership to V/S it. Be ware, that works as a V/S (vol./surrender) only if you sign a vol./release/agreement form. No signature, results in an abandonment by you. Costing you the cost $$$ of court paperwork to release your part of the ownership. Now this is in Louisiana. Don't quote me elsewhere. Lienholders can pick up collateral abandoned with proof, and the dealership don't want to be responseable for your vehicle. Faster then a speeding bullet, they call the lienholder to explain the abandonment of collateral. Oh by the way, dealerships are not always the lienholders. Dealerships are "Farmers" selling apples and Oranges (maybe some lemons). They got their money in the start from the lienholder.

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Q: Is it better to let your car be repossessed voluntarily?
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How do you voluntarily let your car be repossessed?

You need to give the car to the lender - if they are too far away then you need to call them and tell them where it is and ask them how they want to get it.

If you cannot pay loan on RV should you voluntarily turn the RV in to the lien holderor let the RV be repossessed?

It would look better on your record (For future loans) if you turned in the RV voluntarily.

If you voluntarily let your car be repossessed by the lender do you still have to pay on the loan?

Yes! It will still be listed on your credit report as a voluntary return and you will still be responsible for the cost

Is it better to turn your car in or let it be repossessed?

It would be better just to turn it in but it's a lot of work trying to locate it and recover it.

Can you let a car be repossessed with scratches on it?

A car can still be repossessed if it has scratches or some slight damage. The current value of the car is normally used when netting off the debts.

Should you let your car get repossessed or file bankruptcy or what if you wrecked your car with no insurance and you are 3 months behind on payments?

The Lender may or may not want to repo a wreck. Bankruptcy, same deal. Call the lender, tell them what the car looks like, and let them decide. ___ File bankruptcy if you are buried in unsecured debt, not to save the car. Especially a wrecked car. ___ "Repossession" looks slightly better (not MUCH better) on a credit report than a Chapter 7. Let it get repossessed.

What happens to your credit when your car is repossessed?

You end up with HORRIBLE credit if you don't pay your bills and you let your possessions get repossessed.

You have one day before your car is repossessed is there any payment options?

Call the lender, and make some kind of arrangements. Do not let your car get repossessed. You will be responsible for the balance on the loan. no

If your car has been repossessed and you cannot pay what you owe should you let them sell it?

You have no choice.

If someone has to have a car voluntarily repossessed would the car payment be the same or can it be reduced?

That needs to be discussed with the LENDER before you let it get repoed. Better yet, discuss while you are current on the payments. If you're in a temp shortage, they might work with you on getting around it. If its NOT temp, they will likely want all the money due at one time. TALK to the LENDER about it. Good Luck

How can you find out if your repossessed car was sold?

The lender should let you know, you can contact them and they should tell you.

Can you get items out of the car after it has been repossessed?

You certainly can. Its illegal NOT to let you get your PP. There will be a charge for inventory and staorage of iy.

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