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it is recommended to only breastfeed the first 6 months... I hear that breastfeeding keeps the impurities of every-day germs out of a child's system- I would breastfeed him till he is about ummmm..... 21 years old.

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Q: Is it better to only breastfeed for six months and after six months also use some other food such as bananas or can you use these after three or four months?
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Can you breastfeed other babies?

Yes, women can breastfeed other babies. The only thing is that before you let someone breastfeed your son, you need to ask a doctor if it's ok for that person to do it. You have to watch for the health of your baby. Have that person get checked first, because HIV and may be other STDs can be passed down.

Why are bananas yucky?

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Why do over-ripened bananas make better tasting banana bread?

Over-ripened bananas taste better because the flavor is more concentrated. So, when you mix the banana with other ingredients you still can taste the banana flavor. Also, the bananas are more mushy, which gives a softer, moist bread.

Do ripened bananas influence unripened bananas to start the ripening process?

In a sense, they do. As bananas ripen, they give off heat and ethylene gas, which stimulates other bananas (and other fruit) to ripen.

What are wet nurses?

Women who breastfeed other people's children for pay.

What is the lactation method of contraception?

Right after the baby is born you breastfeed and don't give the baby any other food for 6 months and then you should be protected during those 6 months. But it's just for the first 6 months and if you don't have enough milk it wont work because then you have to add the bottle. The hospital should have a lactation nurse who knows this.

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I breastfeed my baby for the first 3 months of life then I put her on the bottle did I do the right thing?

There is a saying, (breast fed is the best fed). The longer you breast feed your baby the better it is because breast milk contains a lot more nutrition than any other. The simple act of doing this creates a closer bond between mother and baby.

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What does Barbados share with other countries?


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Bananas are not "made"; no one makes them but people can assist banana trees to grow. Bananas are part of creation, like other fruits; they are referred to as being created.

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Bananas are yellow and curved, wider in the middle and narrowing towards each end. Inside, bananas are ridges, but on the outside they are smooth. Overripe bananas may have brown spots or patches on them, whereas underripe bananas will be green or green on one end and yellower on the other.

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What do bananas have in them?

Bananas contain three natural sugars-sucrose, fructose and glucose. They consist of 75.7% water, 22.2% carbohydrate, 1.1% protein, .2% fat, and .8% "other". Bananas are also a source of fiber, potassium, and other nutrients.

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