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If you didn't break-up with your friend before asking the other girl out and that girl said yes, then you ARE cheating on your friend.

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no because then your girlfriend would be cheating on you with your friend and you will be mad

No, it is not cheating unless you have agreed not to date other people.

You should always keep the date with the first person that asked you. If your friend told you to save that particular date and it obviously happens to be on the same day as a wedding for a family friend then you should choose the first friend. Another solution, and depending how far apart the weddings are; you could attend the wedding ceremony of one and the reception of another.

Yes, you can. Your friend should understand that you were asked out.

I would say that if you date one guy, and kiss another, that would be cheating. And cheating is bad.

He wanted his friend to either try to get the girl to date him or have sex with him.

I would tell my friend and realise that he is cheating on your friend if you are not good friends then be my guest and date him but if he cheats on your friend don't be shocked if he cheats on you to

Probably because no one has asked you or you have not asked anyone. Or you did ask and they said no. Just go with a friend.

ask the person if they like you just a bit more then a friend and if they say yes then ask them out it happened for me i really like this boy he was like my best friend so i asked him if he liked me more than just a friend and then he asked me out.

no that's cheating and that's so not good

It's okay that you friend asked him to the first time. Now that the ice is broke, you can each ask each other out the next times!

Not if he kissed you without your consent. If you're on a date with another guy then of course you are cheating. If you want to be faithful, don't put yourself in a position where things could go wrong.

Probably, either she does not think of it as a "date," or she wants you to understand that it is not a "date."

No, it's not a date, at least not yet. As soon as you both agree (spoken or unspokenly) that there is or was the special date air about it, it is or was a date.

well, if he has asked you out on a date; then he's your boyfriend. if he hasn't then he's not your boyfriend.

they are trying to get someone jealous or the friend asked them out and they didn't wanna hurt that friend's feelings (basicaly they thought of their bf/gf as a friend still)

What if? Well, that would mean you were cheating on her. So good think you're just asking.

Just say no thanks, I have another date. I am going with someone else.

Well, only if you are totally in LOVE with him/her. BUT if he/her hasn't asked asked you out that is not a great idea (he/she might already have a girl/boy friend already) :) :(

"Sorry, I'm not ready for a dating relationship right now."

Dump him! He's probably cheating on you! Men are all scum. Date women, you will enjoy the "pleasures" more, if you know what I mean. ;)

well what i would do is that i would ask my best friend what she thinks and then i would tell that guy what she says if she says no say no way u dated my best friend and i will not date u and if she says yes my best friend says that i can date u and i want to date u too

Good friends tell the truth. Let your friend know that cheating is cheap; selfish and if they don't care for the person they are with then have the guts to tell them and then break up so they are free to date whomever they want and not lower themselves to cheating. Your friend will either listen to you or keep on cheating and the best thing to do if they do not listen to good advise is to sit back and keep out of it as cheaters always get caught or end up at the bottom of the barrel. Some people just have to learn the hard way.

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