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this is very rare..but, just talk with your doctor on the chances

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Q: Is it common with liposuction for the doctor to accidentally cut an artery because your doctor had to operate the next day to fix the artery and how often does this happen?
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An artery can be distinguished from a vein because an artery will be?

Deeper and pulsatile.

What artery is vulnerable to injury because it runs superficially?

radial artery

Why facial artery visible?

because facial artery is very close to skin

Why pulmonary artery called an artery?

Because it carry blood away from heart

What is a diagonal artery?

There is a diagonal artery that is a branch of the left coronary artery on the surface of the heart. It is a diagonal artery simply because it runs diagonally across the anterior (front) of the heart.

Why is the artery thicker than a vein?

Because the pressure in the artery is much higher than the pressure in the vein so the artery has to hold the pressure

Which bleeds more artery or vein?

its the artery because the artery flows in synchronization to your heartbeat while the vein will not bleed as long due to the valves in the vein...

How many layers does the aorta artery have?

Because the aorta is an artery, its walls are made of up three layers.

Why the pulse disappears when the brachial artery is compressed?

It is stopped because the artery is stopped from pushing the blood forward.

Does blood flow faster in the artery or capillary?

Artery, because: -Larger -has pressure -Largest blood vessels

If a large blood vessel is accidentally cut how can you tell whether it is an artery that has been injured?

It will bleed more profusely and it will pulse out as the arteries are coming from the heart

Why is the arota an artery?

Because it circulates blood.

Why do artery walls need to be elastic?


Is an artery bigger than a vein?

Yes, because there is more pressure in the artery than in the vein so the artery has to be big enough to hold the pressure that's inside it.

Why is the marginal artery called that?

It is called the marginal artery because it passes around the lateral margin (or side) of the heart.

Why the artery has a thick layer muscle then vein?

Because there is more pressure on the artery wall (from the heart) than that of the vein.

Why the dialysis machine is connected to artery not the vein?

because it is the other way is connected to the veinrather than the artery.

How the trachea and artery the same and how they are different?

The Trachea and Artery are the same in the sense that they bring oxygen into the body. They are different in the sense because a trachea move air, and an artery moves blood.

Is mercury found in your artery?

no because its the smallest planet

What is the condition in which an artery has become abnormally widened because of a weakness in the arterial wall?

Ischemia is the condition in which an artery has become abnormally widened because of a weakness in the arterial wall.

Why are walls of the aorta thicker than walls of the pulmonary artery?

Because the artery walls can stretch due to blood pressure

Why middle cerebral artery stroke is more common than anterior cerebral artery or posterior cerebral artery stroke?

because it is in continuity with internal carotid artry, usually embolus lodges there.

Branches of the internal iliac artery?

Posterior Division: Iliolumbar artery, lateral sacral artery, superior gluteal artery. Anterior Division: inferior gluteal artery, middle rectal artery, uterine artery, obturator artery, inferior vesical artery, superior vesical artery, obliterated umbilical artery, internal pudendal artery

Why do artery have thick layers?

because they carry blood from the heart

In which vessels can a pulse be felt?

Carotid Artery, Radial Artery, Brachial Artery, Femoral Artery, Popliteal Artery, Posterior Tibial Artery, Dorsalis Pedis Artery. These are the main ones that are checked.