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Is it compulsory in Islam for a man to have a beard?


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November 25, 2015 5:25AM

It is widely agreed, by all Muslim scholars ,that any young man , or man , should not shave his beard , he has only right to trim his moustache.

That is according to Prophet Muhamad 's( Peace be upon Him ) Hadith that denotes the above-mentioned statement , He clearifies that this habit differntiates( in appearance ) between Muslims and other people.


the basic rule for prohibition and permission in Islam is what harmful and what harmless. nothing prohibited but harmful things, any one have the option to shave or not his beard

A Muslim or a beliver is the one who obeys the commands of his god n his messenger of his time.And more over he has to follow the path of his messenger and the campaninons of his messenger according to Islam.The last messenger of god is prophet MUHAMMED P.B.U.H and he told all his belivers to keep the beard as we know.And it is on us to obey and be a beliver or a disbeliver.In Islam there is no such option to shave ones beard as it is an important sunnat which almost all the prophets have kept in their lives