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you might have eaten too much or something you eat doesnt sit well in your stomach but i think you should talk to you doctor either way u might have stomach problems

2006-07-29 02:29:16
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Q: Is it considered bulimia if you usually throw up large meals?
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Is it possible that you have bulimia?

If you find urself forcfully throwing up meals you are bulimic.

What is dinning table?

A dining table is a table where people usually gather to have meals. Usually a large table.

Can you lose weight if you throw up all your meals?

Yes, you can lose weight by throwing up meals, but doing that is not recommended. It is one of the worst methods of losing weight, and is part of an eating disorder called Bulimia. People die from Bulimia. If you need to loose weight, there are many healthier ways to do so.

What do queens eat?

mostly fairly large meals cooked by the cooks in the kitchen and usually consists of meat greens and, starches

What does bulimia mean?

Constantly throwing up your meals. It's a disease of the mind caused by low self esteem, and it really sucks.

What bulimia is and EXPLAIN some of the warning signs and dangers of the disorder?

Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by a binge-purge cycle. Someone with this eating disorder may always go to the bathroom after meals. Also they will usually have acid reflux from purging. You may notice disappearing food or money. Many are usually withing their normal weight range. It is a very sensitive topic and many may feel embarassed when other's find out about their addiction.

What are the main behavioral symptoms of bulimia nervosa?

Eating large amounts of food uncontrollably (bingeing); vomiting, abusing laxatives or diuretics, or engaging in fasting, dieting, or vigorous exercise (purging); preoccupation with body weight; using the bathroom frequently after meals.

How many meals do Romanians have a day?

Romanians have usually three meals in a day.

What is it called when a patient may consume a lot of food at meals and then induce vomiting or tak laxtives so the food does not have a chance to digest?


How many meals do children need a day?

Children need at least 3 large meals a day

What are the symptoms of the disorder?

There are many possible symptoms for bulimics. Here are a few: They go to the bathroom after meals They usually have bad breath Have soars on their hands (from sticking your fingers down their throat) Eating large amounts of food in secret Drinking large amounts of water or soda during or after meals And much more.

Why is it better to eat several meals a day instead of 3 large meals?

Smaller meals help your stomach shrink, great for weight loss.

When do the french usually eat their meals?

about dinner time

Is Meals donated to volunteers considered as charitable deduction?

It should be.

What factors are to be considered when planning meals?


How many meals in a day do people eat in Ecuador?

people in Ecuador usually eat about four meals a day

What is eaten with most German meals that is not considered a side dish?


What are the typical meals in Ireland?

usually they eat ham and potatoes..

What children meals would you get on airplanes?

usually pasta or soup..........

What do swimmers need to stay healthy and strong?

They need what most people need, and its good for them to eat lot's of protein, and usually eat quite large meals, and obviously they need to work out.

How often does a gray wolf eat?

wolves eat on a certain system. They eat a large meal and usually don't have to eat for about 7 more days. After 7 days they eat a large meal again. If they can't get a large meal, they will eat small meals every day or two.

What would be considered the benefits of using Halogen Ovens for cooking meals?

One benefit of Halogen Ovens is that they use less electricity and can shorten cooking times. They can handle a large variety of different meals and can cook better without oils or fats. They are also easier to clean than a conventional oven.

What does anorexia have in common with bulimia?

Both anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders where extreme dieting is used to lose weight. Anorexia is not eating or strictly limiting the food eaten, while bulimia is mostly throwing up after meals. Both disorders are commonly thought to originate as a mental disorder, possibly linkd to Body Dismorohic Disorder (BDD). Each can cause serious health risks and problmes. In sever cases, both can become fatal.

What are the symptoms of bulimia nervosa?

symptoms of bulimia are :- .uncontrollable eating (binge eating) .throwing up alot .making urself sick .doing very large amounts of excersize . always dissapearing to the bathroom after meals .always counting calories .concerned about their weight etc.. too thin.. too fat ...all my friends are bigger/smaller than meIt kind of depends. I mean, generally the person who's bulimic know it.Obviously, symptoms are throwing up.However, people who have had bulimia for a long time get to a point where, even when they don't want to throw up after their meal, their body has become so use to it that it happens on it's own.

Is it better for horses to have 2 or 3 large meals or many many small meals?

Horses are grazers and if left to their own devices would eat 20 hours a day. So many small meals are more natural to the digestion. But for domestic horses that don't have access to large pastures and rely on humans for their meals make due with 2 or 3 larger meals. It's just more convienent for people to feed like this.