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Yes! Of course it is cheating.

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How do you get an A in class?

study a lot, take good notes, pay attention in class, put effort into all your work, never do anything at the last second (homework/projects) always do your homework

Is there any college that does not grade homework?

College is more about big projects than daily homework and yes it does count.

Can children forget homework?

Everybody forgets sometimes - the trick is to get an assignment notebook where you keep all of your homework and projects so you don't forget them.

How do you used frightened and frightening?

jobs- being fired Education- homework and projects

What can a teenager On virtual families do?

Cook. Do Homework and projects. House repairs. Go to collage.

What are your views on homework whether it should be given or not?

I believe that homework should be given to students. Although many people hate having homework (I do too), it is a great way for students to review the day's work and understand it to a deeper level. I think that there should be homework, but only about 30 mins- 1 hr of homework, and definitely no projects

What is teacherweb?

Teacherweb is a website where teachers can share their announcements, homework, projects and other important things on the web.

Good things a computer can do for people?

they can help u with homework and projects and also there are cool design programs and such...

How do you get an homework pass?

If you do some extra work or do all your big home works early like projects.

Why do large varities of plants grow in rainforests?

it is warm,humid,and rainy i hope this answer helped you with your homework or projects (:

How much homework should a fourth grader have?

The average amount of homework that a forth grader should receive daily should fall in the ten-minute-rule. Exceptions occur when projects are assigned. The ten minute rule for a ffourth grade is 40 minutes of homework a day.

Should middle school have a free period?

i think they should because what if u need to get cought up on homework or projects nd stuffyes they should have time 2 do homework nd stuff

Why do we have to do homework?

We do homework to reinforce what we have learned in school, outside of the usual study zone. Assignments work as projects that require a number of skills in different subjects to complete. Projects or any homework for that matter may require resources that cannot be obtained at school eg. a brochure about your local lake. In this case you must travel to a place which produces these brochures and you must collect one to study and analyse it. Therefore it can only be done outside of school. Homework can also be categorized as unfinished school work.

Write an acrostic poem about an elephant 'tiger or peacook?

We provide answers to specific questions. We don't do homework projects.

Write about green peace?

WikiAnswers is not a free service to complete your projects, reports or homework. Should you have a question then please post it.

How can you get good grades without doing homework?

Here are some reasons why skipping homework brings your grades down:Teachers grade the homework and getting a 0 or an F will bring your grade down a lotHomework helps you learn the material and if you don't know it, your test grades will be badHomework helps you practice for the tests and if you practice, your grades will come upHere are some more opinions:You can't, to get good grades, you have to do your homework, projects, and activities that the teacher has you do. Do your homework and learn, so you can get a good education so you can get a good job, and live in some degree of comfort.

How do you stay awake to do homework?

I usually would do this to do projects...i would drink coffee.it has alot of a caffeine so it makes you stay awake.

Why would organizations be good for schools?

It is good to organize in school because it organizes your notes, projects, and homework for all of your school needs.

What is engrade?

Engrade is an online account that middle school kids have where they get to know thier grades on homework assignments and projects and contacting thier teachers.

How much homework do you get in college?

Lots! Each class will give you something, usually every day, and you'll also have reports and projects to do on top of that.

What Internet is use for?

The internet is used for many thigs. Including cheating on tests, looking up info for school projects. Also, to find out information!!!!

What is the benefit of getting good grades?

When you study for a test, study until you know everything about that topic. Also, turn in all of your homework and projects ON TIME!

Are Science Fair Projects in Bemidji Minnesota schools to complicated?

Yea, they require too much. Especially the Delta Pod(Homework Pod) in BMS

What causes stress in adolescents?

Pressure from school(SAT, tests, projects, homework), social issues(friends), as well as peer pressure and other things.

How do you get good grades without doing your homework?

You don't! If you don't do your homework, you will not learn the material, you will get a zero if the teacher takes a grade on it, and you will not be prepared for tests. More advice: Just do your homework, then you can get good grades and have a chance to get a scholarship and go to a good college if you have a high enough G.P.A from doing your homework, projects, activities, and generally working hard. If you want to have a good job, you should do your homework; in fact, you should do all the things your teacher tells you to do. They put so much effort into teaching you, all you have to do is learn, and show how you've learned. You don't! If you don't do your homework, you will not learn the material, you will get a zero if the teacher takes a grade on it, and you will not be prepared for tests.

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