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Q: Is it correct to say she is A good company or she is good company in relation to spending time with someone?
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What is relatioships?

A relation ship is the spending your life with the one you love or the one you are dating. It is also the sharing of your heart with someone you love and cherish.

What does social person mean?

A social person is basically someone who enjoys spending time in the company of others, such as a large group of friends.

What is the correct spelling for someone?

The correct spelling is someone.

What is the verb for relation?

The verb of relation is relate. As in "to relate to someone or something".

How do you spell trustys?

Trustees is the correct spelling. A trustee is someone appointed to administer the affairs of a company/business etc.

What is a prick relation?

A prick relation is someone related through marriage and not a blood relation. Brother inlaw etc.

What if you married someone who was already married and you have him or her on your insurance?

Tell the insurance company you make a mistake on the application form, and that the fact is the man you described as your husband has not legal relation to you.

What program can be used to help someone keep track of their credit card balances?

This depends on the company that one has their credit card with. The company that one has a credit card through usually has a program that will track where one is spending the most money.

What is penny-pincher?

Someone who does not like spending money

Purchases for whatever someone wants?

Discretionary spending

How do you know someone better?

by spending time with them and communicating

Is it correct to say it is the time of someone OR it is the time for someone?

It is grammatically correct to say it is the time for someone and not it is the time of someone.