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Is it dangerous to watch television during a thunderstorm?

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the onlydanger is that the lighting canblow the tv.we have lost alot of t.v. games systems and a frig bynot unpluging during a storm.

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How can you identify a serve thunderstorm?

You can watch the skies for darkening clouds and lightning in the distance. The best way to know if a thunderstorm might be threatening is to watch the weather on television or the Internet.

Why shouldn't you watch tv or use a computer if indoors during a thunderstorm?

because if the house gets hit by lightening it travels through the wiring and fries all the wires

Has there ever been a severe thunderstorm watch in a high risk severe thunderstorm area?

Yes. A high-risk outlook does not need to be issued just on account of tornadoes. One case of a severe thunderstorm watch during a high-risk outlook came on June 12, 2013.

What is sever thunder storm watch?

A severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions for a severe thunderstorm to form are just right. On the other hand, if you're referring to a severe thunderstorm warning, that means that a severe thunderstorm has already been spotted.

What is the difference between a thunder storm watch and a thunderstorm warning?

A thunder storm watch is when they are expecting a thunderstorm, while a warning is knowing that there is a thunder storm.

What is the difference between a weather watch and a warning?

A tornado/thunderstorm watch means that weather conditions are good for tornado/thunderstorm. A tornado/thunderstorm warning, however, means that conditions are extreme and a thunderstorm or tornado is likely. Conditions for either storm are very good at this stage.

What does severe thunderstorm watch mean?

A severe thunderstorm watch means that general weather conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms to form. A severe thunderstorm is a a thunderstorm that produces wind gusts to at least 58 mph, hail to at least 1 inch in diamater, or a tornado. However, if conditions are favorable for storms to produce tornadoes, then a tornado watch will be issued.

Things to do when at home in a thunderstorm when bored?

u can go play online (if power isn't out) tell ghost stories take a nap play a board game or almost anything but go outside really. No, no. Using your computer during a thunderstorm could ruin your computer! The electricity could surge into your computer. Unplug it and watch the TV Meteorologists.

OK to watch horror movies during pregnancy?

What you watch on TV or movies can not harm the baby.

Have there ever been violent tornadoes in a severe thunderstorm watch?

Yes. The Granbury, Texas EF4 tornado of May 20, 2013 ocurred in an area that was under both a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm watch.

Is a severe thunderstorm watch better than a tornado watch?

Generally speaking, yes. A tornado watch means that tornadoes are possible. A severe thunderstorm watch means that severe thunderstorms are possible. Although severe thunderstorms can cause damage they are not nearly as destructive as tornadoes can be.

Does a severe storm warning mean that a severe storm might form?

No. That would be a severe thunderstorm watch. A severe thunderstorm warning means that a severe thunderstorm ha already formed.

Are you allowed to watch television during Ramadan?

Of course, you are allowed to watch television, however it is strongly discouraged. Ramadan is a time of strong worship and change in character.

What activities do Italians like to do?

Watch football on a sunday, watch tv during the week, eating, and going out whenever they can afford it.

Is a flash flood watch better then a sever thunder storm watch and a tornado watch?

No. A severe thunderstorm watch and a tornado watch would of course be stronger than a flash flood watch.

I watch rugby on internet/computer but I watch it on my there a way to stream it to the TV?

I watch rugby on internet/computer but I watch it on my there a way to stream it to the TV?

Where do cows watch TV?

They don't watch TV.....

Where can you watch American dragon?

You can watch American Dragon on Disney Channel. It does not come on during the daytime but they come on like at 3:00 in the morning. If you don't watch it on tv, you can watch it on the internet.

How do you say you watch television in spanish?

Usted ve la televisión = you watch television. Yo veo la television = I watch television

What was the role of television during disaster management?

You can watch TV to take your mind off of the disaster killing your family, and destroying your house.

Can you watch TV during a lightning storm?

Yes. There is no danger in watching television or using other electronic appliances in a lightning storm.

How many people watch TV in a day in Australia?

Not very many people do in Australia, maybe 25% of the 20 million population of Australians would watch TV regularly. More during the football season and during the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

Is TV good 4 you?

Not at all and any time. But if you watch it for some regular distance or interval it will not so dangerous for you. And try to watch that programme which give you better knowledge and fact about the world.

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You can watch Buffy on the tv on logo tv

Can babies watch TV?

yes! Baby can watch TV.