Is it easier for an American to marry a Russian or Latvian girl?


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Probably the one you love most.

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Marry me in Latvian is ''Vai tu mani precesi''

Personally, I don't think that a lot of Chinese guys marry Russian women.

yes, apply as a single person that way when you marry your fiance you are an American citizen and it will make it easier to get him a green card.

Выходи за меня замуж!

don't waste your time, marry an American

Where do you find them anyway? :)

is there any american pilot candidate to marry me(am an iranian 30 years old)

No you're an American. It'll be a pain in the backside to get her here though. Unless the US has an exception for the UK. Its usually easier to get her here officially to marry her first and then marry her, than to marry her and try to get her here after you're married. From everything I've read on it. I think its dumb that we can marry who we want without government approval, but people can jump the fence and live here tax free.

That depends on if she wants to Marry you . In most case however I would presume it would involve you going to where she lives. There are some Russian dating sites but be careful . Some of them may be just pimps.

If you are an American citizen and you marry outside the U.S., the U.S. will always find out.

Sure. You can marry anyone you want.

only non-catholics can marry. ANSWER 2: The only priests who may not marry are Roman Catholic. The clergy of other sects of Catholicism (ie., Russian & Greek Orthodox) are permitted to marry.

Yes they can.... You can marry anyone in Canada.... :3

First met her love her by heart if she agree then marry

About 80% of Russian brides leave Russia each year to marry abroad. This is due to the fact that there are more women then men in Russia and Russian woman are looking for a good man and see more potential in marrying abroad.

If any American woman wants to marry im ealrdy to do that this is my phone numbere +21270017214

To marry an American Citizen you must fist establish the relationship. Study your partner and propose after you are comfortable with her attitude.

Your best bet is to get married in U.S make sure to get all proper documents,like visa passport and You'll be good to go!

It's easier if you're Muslim yourself.

I think it is easiest to marry Muffy because she likes jewelry and wine. It is easy to get her gifts.

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