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if you have a lot of area to fly in than it is not too hard. I would recommend the Hobby Zone Super cub for a first plane

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Is mantainance on RC planes complex, or can the average person repair one?

Electric RC planes are good for beginners because they are easier to fly and maintain. Gas powered RC planes use a nitro-methane based fuel and can be difficult to maintain and to operate.

Do mini rc planes fly good in strong winds?

Because the planes are small and lightweight strong winds will make them hard or even impossible to fly. On windy days make sure to keep inside with your mimi rc plane.

Is there a website where you get to fly RC planes?

Some sites like ,, and are good sites.

Where can you buy Boeing RC planes?

boeing do not make RC planes.

Are there any rc model airplane classes?

Yes there are classes to learn to fly RC model airplanes. These classes are taught by people with years of experience in operation as well as building of RC planes. Go to for more information.

What is mikes hobby shop?

Mikes Hobby Shop is a super-stoor and raceway. At Mikes Hobby Shop you can race your RC (Radio Controlled) cars and you can fly RC helicopters and planes.

How high do gas-powered RC planes fly?

They fly the same way any RC plane flies. They just have a different source of fuel. In order to fly, they need an engine, hobby fuel, a fuel pump, a starter for the engine, a 1.5 volt battery, a radio control system, and AA batteries to power the rc system.

What does a mini rc plane look like?

Mini rc planes are sized in between micro rc planes and standard sized rc planes. There are many models to choose from. A video of a mini rc plane can be found here:

Is it hard to fly the RC Dragonfly?

No it is not hard to fly the RC Dragonfly- in fact it is easy because rather than using a propeller and gas it is completely electric and utilizes flapping wings to maintain its flight.

Where do you get a RC fighter jet in brampton?

Better is to order RC planes from website - AIR HOGS as the RC planes provided by them are much realistic and controllable. There is no shop for RC in Brampton......better is to order them through net.

Are RC foam planes safe for flying anywhere?

Judging from the sound of "Foam," I think they may be safe to fly in most places, but I would suggest not to fly in crowded or urban places. Rather, go to a park or fly in large, open spaces.

Are there RC planes that drop bombs?

Yes there are...

Are rc foam planes safe for toddlers?

Most rc foam planes have motors or remote controls, so they are not entirely safe for toddlers. These planes are marketed toward an older crowd, so more durable toy planes would be a better fit for such a young child.

Where can I find reviews of remote control planes?

Remote control airplanes are lots of fun for adults of all ages. Many large towns and cities have clubs where enthusiasts get together to fly their planes. Similar club exist online, like RC Universe where fans can buy, trade, discuss and review remote control planes.

What can you do with an electric rc plane?

Electric planes can have many uses to them ranging from just recreationally flying them to races, as well as reenactments of wars.

How do you fly a RC plane?

well most rc planes come with instructions but if you made it yourself then just use the one on your left as the left/right and the one on the right well it depends some you can do things like up/down and diagonally so there is your answer bye

How do you unlock more planes on RC planes 2 on I-pod touch?

You purchace an in app purchace. There is no other way to do it.

How many different types of rc planes are there ?

There a number of different RC Planes around now days. I am not sure what the exact number is but, just guessing I would say lest 25-50 different types of planes now a day are being tested for our military capability.

Which is the easiest RC Helicopter to fly?

I have a twister medivac heli and it is very easy to fly, I can even land on top of my television and when the adds come on I do a quick lap of the lounge lol, I have had it for two years and it is still going strong.

Which RC plane is better F 35 JSF airplane RC plane or F 4 Phantom RC plane?

Both RC plane are awsome because they are both planes.

What kind of products does Hobby City sell in New Zealand?

Hobby City sells a number of products that include: model cars, model planes, Japanese model kits, RC planes, RC helicopters, RC gear, mini trains, batteries, and chargers.

How do you get silver bullet RC to fly?


What age do you have to be to fly an RC jet?


Where can a radio controlled airplane be purchased?

On Nitroteck there are several different types of radio controlled aeroplanes such as easy to flight gliders and trainers to more difficult War- bird and large scale RC planes

What is RC hobby?

RC means radio control like remote control planes, cars, boats. etc. it is a very fun hobby to get into and i race "RC" cars.

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