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This would depend on local custom, your relation to the communicant or communicant's family and whether you were invited and had to decline for whatever circumstances. First Communions can sometimes be gaudy affairs when it comes to gifts, which is unfortunate. Appropriate gifts you cannot go wrong with might include a rosary, a holy medal with the communicant's patron saint on it, or a book of their patron saint. Often, gift-giving at religious occasions has become a social event and so you should gauge whether the family is expecting a gift as it is not strictly necessary from a religious stand point unless you are a godparent or perhaps a direct relation.

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Are there godparents for Holy Communion?

No, there are no Godparents nor sponsors for First Holy Communion.

What is first holy communion or confirmation?

First Holy Communion is when you first receive holy communion. It is normally celebrated in grade 4 or 3. Confirmation is the when you are given the holy spirit so that it fulfils you. This usually celebrated in grade 6.

Why is first holy communion special?

The first Holy Communion is special because it is the first time you are physically receiving Jesus into your body.

How old are you when you have your second communion?

There is no designation of second communion. Once a child receives First Holy Communion at about age 7 or 8 it is expected that they will continues to receive on, at least, a weekly basis. No one keeps count.

What is the difference between Catholic Holy Communion and Pentecostal Communion with respect to a child's first holy communion?

Quite simply, the bread and wine received at a Pentecostal church would not be Holy Communion.

What is after baptism?

First Holy Communion.

What is the first holy communion?

It is the First time you receive Holy Communion. You need to be of proper age, be baptised, and know all the facts of Holy Communion (Such as the real presence of Christ) to receivel presence of Christ though.

What happens if you accidentally take Communion before First Communion?

Roman Catholic AnswerIf you accidentally receive Holy Communion before your First Holy Communion, then you better accidentally talk to a priest ASAP and accidentally receive First Confession.

Can a 14 year old receive his first holy communion in the catholic church?

A 14-year old can receive First Holy Communion in the Church only if he is baptised (He has reached over the age minimum to receive his First Holy Communion)

Do both biological parents need to be at a child's First Holy Communion?

Neither parent is required to be present at a child's First Holy Communion.

What is The Sacrament where you will receive the body of Christ for the first time?

Eucharist ( Holy Communion). The first time for young children is just called "First Holy Communion".

What is necessary for full communion into the Church?

Attending a Catechism class at your local parish for however long they request (usually 1-2 years); then Baptism (if you aren't Baptized), Confirmation, and First Holy Communion at Easter Vigil.

What are the other names for the holy communion?

first communion, first eucharist, eucharist, body and blood, bread and wine, etc.

What are first holy communion candidates called?

First communicants.

What is first penance and first holy communion?

the Lords supper

What are the requirements to partake in Holy Communion?

You must be a baptized, practicing Catholic in a state of grace and must have already received your First Holy Communion to receive communion at a Mass.

Communion in a sentence?

The girl walked up to the altar to receive her first Holy Communion.

On what date do you make your First Holy Communion?

Every parish sets its own date for First Holy Communion. It is commonly held in the spring - April or May.

Does your child have to wear a veil on her First Holy Communion?


What is the next sacrament after baptism?

First Holy Communion

Can a C of E take communion in Catholic Church?

Nobody can take Holy Communion in a Catholic Church, you may only receive Holy Communion from the priest, and then only if you have been baptized in the Catholic Church and previously made your first Confession and First Holy Communion. Bottom line? An Anglican may not take communion in a Catholic Church.

What does a special minister of Holy Communion do?

A special minister of holy communion is a lay person who is given the opportunity to help the priest or presider in a Mass to distribute Holy Communion. A special minister of holy communion may also give holy communion to the sick.

Do you have to make your First Holy Communion to receive Anointing of the Sick?

No, you receive Anointing anytime you are sick enough to be in danger of death, regardless of whether you have received your First Holy Communion or not.

How should followers of the Catholic religion behave?

Catholics are expected to follow the ten commandments and attend mass every Sunday or Saturday and on Holy Days of Obligation. They are expected to take Holy Communion if able.

Who is in the communion of holy people?

The Catholic Church is the 'communion of holy people.'

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