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Why would it be unfair? It is dangerous to do; you aren't taking anything away from anyone else likely to have the expertise to do whatever you are being sent for.

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Q: Is it fair to by able to go into space?
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Why must a spacecraft reach escape velocity to be able to go to space?

To be able to escape Earths gravity

Is the space needle from a worlds fair?

It was designed for a world fair in seattle, yes.

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The space needle was build in the 1940's for the world fair. The theme of the fair was the future. The person that build the needle wanted to make some thing that would make people of space. So he named it the space needle.

How old was Sally when she went to space?

Sally Ride was 32 when she went to space for the first time in 1983. She was the first woman from NASA to be able to go on a Space Shuttle mission.

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humans can now go to space, meet aliens and we can then trade technology and meet marvin the martian! eventually we will be able to take over all of space!

How can the space shuttle go to the moon?

The space shuttle is able to go to the moon by using a special type of fuel and rises up the earth atmosphere until it overcomes the force of gravity.

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The Space Needle was built as an attraction for the Seattle Worlds Fair of 1962.

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they built the space needle for the World's Fair in 1962, hosted by seattle

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As a 1962 World's Fair feature.

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