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Yes and no. Half of the apps in the app store are free, but the other half of the apps are paid-for apps.

You can get paid apps for free when they're on sale for free though. The list of all the paid apps for sale for free today is available at the link below:

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you get free apps and things you cant do with a unjailbroken ipod

It means Unlimited capabilitiesand free appsUnlimited Capabilities

itunes is a good start=) you can also get free apps

it will let you get free apps but if it breaks they don't give you a new one

There are apps in the apple app store that make it possbile.

Its can pretty much do anything!! Download free songs, movies and even paid apps for free!! but the only bad part about it is that it makes your itouch freeze alot..

Yes, you can buy apps for the iTouch using an iTunes card.

It seem uncertainly for you 8gb itouch can hold apps programs.

They don't give you any free apps other than the usual that you get: maps, weather, settings, youtube, etc. However, you can download many free apps if you wish in the app store.

Yes, that iTouch might not be compatible with all your apps.

It depends on what you mean by clone? If it is not an itouch, then you will not be able to use the apple apps.

It depends how much they cost on the Apps Store. A lot of the apps are FREE... I hope this helped you very muchhh :) Oook well Bye :)

Official Apps for the iPhone/iTouch are approved by Apple and only available through their App Store. The term jailbroken refers to escaping from the limitations of the App store, by changing the internal settings, allowing the installation of apps from any source. These may or may not be free. Jailbreaking is not a get everything for free mechanism.

I think the most fun app is the Shotgun app. You pump your iTouch like a pump shotgun and then you move your iTouch in a quick upward motion. KA-BlAMMO!!

Yes you can buy some at the ipod apps store....or you can download jailbreak onto your itouch to get free apps........

You have to have wifi, but you go to the app store and you can get any free app or you can get other ones if you have money.

You will not have to pay for them. If the iTouch is truly jailbroken, you don't need to worry about it.

I have an iTouch and most of my apps are free. Yes, there are free apps for iphones and itouches, but the better ones and full versions normally cost a few dollars. So not all free apps are even worth it, that's why they're free. hope this helped =)

pandemonium,textplus,aol radio,papertoss,my space,facebook,aim,

if you have a jailbroken ipod or iphone you must visit :

can have about 60 apps in half a gigabyte

you cant because it doesnt have a camera,but you can download apps that give you free pics off the web.

I would rather choose the iPod Touch considering that you can do more with an iTouch than an PSP. You can also consider jailbreaking your Itouch allowing you to get those paid apps for free. But I do not advise it, as it will void the warranty of the iTouch.

On the app store you have a very large number of free apps alongside paying apps. The same price is applied wether on iPhone or iPod Touch

apps from an itouch, iphone, or ipad can very. check the app store to see all the apps