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is it free to text message 85233

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How do you get free text message for free or unlimited text?

NOTHING is free ! You have to pay a monthly fee for an 'inclusive' package of texts.

What is text of swift MT999 swift message?

Mt 999 is a unauthenticated free format text message sent to banks

How do you text on text plus?

well you click the compose message thing and then u send the message to who ever you want for free

Which services allow a user to send text messages for free?

One service that allows a user to send Text Message for free is the Text Em website. Another option is to send free text messages from the Text for Free website.

How do you text message from Australia to UK?

use www.myfacediary.com is free

Is changing your status on Facebook by text message free?

Yes, if your phone plan pays for it then yes. Stanard text-message rates apply.

How much does each text message cost when you send Cha Cha a text message?

ChaCha is free. You only pay standard text messaging rates from your carrier if they apply to you.

What is the limit for text free app?

It depends on the app. Most text free apps that are free usually have a 15 message limit. The paid-for apps usually are unlimited.

What is a sentence for text message?

He sent her a text message to apologise.I had a text message from an unknown number.

How can you send free text message to mobile from your PC?

you can use google voice to send and receive text messages on your pc to a mobile phone for free.

Who pays for the text message?

You do...sometimes it's free because it's in your plan

Where can one send a free text message?

AIM and Yahoo Messenger both allow users to send free text messages using their Messenger service. People can also send free text messages using Skype.

How do you text an iPod?

Unfortunately, you cannot text an iPod without a message being sent to you from the iPod. However, you can download a free text app, send a message to a phone, and the phone can press 'reply' and should be able to text back on the iPod Touch.

How can you text online for free?

Most email providers will allow you to type a phone number into the "from" field instead of an email address. If you do this, your email will be sent as a text for free (for you). The recipient of the text message will still be charged their standard text rates.

Why text message?

people text message just for fun! you can also text message to share news or just for a conversation.

How do you forward on the text now app?

i dont know about the text now app, but on text free you just hold the message and it comes up copy or forward

What is a text message from 42442?

This is a text message from ChaCha. ChaCha is free for you to use. You only pay standard text messaging rates from your carrier if they apply to you. There are some usage limits in place as we work to keep ChaCha free and accessible to everyone. You can always get your ChaCha fix by using unlimited ThmbSavrs.

How can you get text messaging for free?

Buy an Ipod touch, as long as you have internet connection you just have to download an app for free. Or you could send a text message to people on Yahoo Messenger

Can a motorolla i530 text message?

All phones can text message.

Is text message a phrasal compound?

is text message a phrasal compond

Do you get charged for chagning your status by mobile text?

Yes, in an SMS. You can't use a standard text message. But if you have unlimited Internet it's free.

How much does mobile aim cost if you ave unlimited text?

Its totally free! If you have unlimited IM is counted as a text message(: Hope this was helpful!

What does message 2111 mean when sending a text?

When. Sending a text message the answer comes back saying person does not want to answere text message how come

What does via text message mean?

"Via" is a frequent used word meaning by. If your friend says, "I let you know what time the party is via text message," this means by text message, meaning you will get a text from the friend telling you what time this party is. Via is a word that can be used a lot.

What is the difference between text messages and SMS messages?

A text message is the same as an sms message. SMS stands for short message service. A text is a short message 160 characters

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