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Is it free when a house phone calls another house phone?


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Your phone call should be free if it is a local call to a house phone. Ultimately it depends on your calling plan and where your calling to. The home phone line you call should not be charged for receiving a call.

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You can't make free phone calls but you can make Skype calls for free, which is pretty much the same thing, except the receiver must also have Skype.

Yes - calls to Virgin Media's 150 number are free from a virgin phone-line. Calls from networks other than Virgin will be charged.

As long as your voice plan includes Mobile-To-Mobile calling then all calls between AT&T phones are free.

Hi Dear, To make free phone calls you can use internet. There are many programs that let you make free phone calls using internet. such as you can hook Google Voice with Sipgate and use it to make free phone calls. There are also so many other ways. I will add some links below for you to see for yourself. Regards, dinwal

No. Service provider determines the cost or rate of calls. You buy a plan per month for calls and data.

It depends on if your on a cell phone or on your house phone. On cell phones, some people have a certain amount of minutes that are free. Cell phones also have certain times at night that it will not cost you anything. Cell phones can also have free weekends if you get that. Your house phone always shows long distance phone calls and sometimes your phone shows local phone calls. It really depends on what kind of plan or phone you have got.

Cheap phone calls are phone calls that do not cost much money. They work by saving you money that those phone calls would normally have cost you. If you have free minutes or you call collect these calls may be cheap for you.

You can use free skype to skype service.

There are many mobile phone carriers that provide free calls to residential phone numbers, such as Vodafone who has numerous deals such as the Vodafone Alltime that gives you free residential calls. Other companies that also do this deal includes TPG, Telstra and Virgin mobile.

It means a call from one cell (mobile) phone to another cell (mobile) phone. Some companies offer free calls from one mobile to another mobile phone using the same service.

In the UK 0500 is a toll free number.

Yes Google voice can be used to make internet phone calls. You can also make free PC to phones call, and free PC to PC calls.

Generally, the bill for a land line phone has an itemized list of long distance phone calls made. If you want local calls and toll free calls, contact the business office of your phone service provider. Many phone companies at least in Australia are offering free long distance calls if you bundle broadband so calls under these type of arrangements would not be itemised.

A toll-free number has no long distance charge associated, but calls from a mobile phone (cell phone) will still incur airtime charges, the same as local calls.

Free International Calls from Rebtel Find out how to make free international calls using nothing but your regular phone connection if you use your PC

No - calls to mobile phones form a landline are charged at premium rates. The actual cost-per-minute will have been set by your landline provider.

depends on what type of phone plan you have.

Unlimited free calls can be made from Skype provided the person you are calling is also on Skype. If you want to make phone calls to people on their phone without using Internet then you are at the mercy of VoIP service providers. There are many such providers that always have some great offers and let you make a few trial calls. Although you can keep track of these companies by doing excessive search, I prefer following blogs such as free calls hub (link in related links) to get a comprehensive list. You might want to subscribe to multiple sites like that to get varied options. There are several free calling apps available now to make free phone calls or app to app calls to anyone, anywhere in the world. I found a list of free calling apps on Google Search: Type: free phone calls using free calling apps Thank you.

Google, iCall, and Eveaphone make free calls online, and Skype is always an option if one wishes to call another computer instead of a phone. Beware of reportedly "free" internet call sites that require payment.

On an iPhone, you get the skype app and you can do it through skype or you have to pay for it in your monthly bill. FREE CALLS to mobiles and landlines .Your calls advertiser pays the sponsor site.

There are some great apps which allow the user to make free phone calls. Four of these apps are Face Time, Bobsled Calling, Talkatone and Tango Video Calls. These apps allow for completely free calls when you have a cell phone.

download skype messenger in your computer back home and here both and start making phone calls. Its free. you can download skype in your mobile. Its cool, isn't it??

There are a number of different companies that offer free internet phone calls. Some of those websites include EvaPhone, Skype, Primus, and it can be achieved with the Magic Jack product.

Plug your home phone into your phone jack on your computer. Connect to the internet and download a free phone dialer. You can call anywhere in the world for free. Must a a microphone and external volume of course.

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