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only if you like it

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How do men get massaged and not look gay?

The answer is that it doesn't matter. Only bigots would care about "looking gay".

Can you have a prostate massage after prostate removal?

The prostate can't be massaged after it's been removed. Some men may find the massage technique pleasant even after the gland has been removed, but even if the man does have an orgasm from stimulation of the area, he will not ejaculate like he did before removal. Pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) may or may not be produced after loss of the prostate.

Is it gay to try to find your prostate gland and massage it if you do it alone?

no, lol, it's not. that's like asking if jerking off is homosexual because gay men give each other hand jobs.all men have prostates, not just gay ones. and a number of both straight and gay men enjoy prostate stimulation. and likewise, there are some gay and straight men who don't like it. getting to know your body and how it works is normal for everybody.getting your boyfriend to find your prostate, though, that would be gay.

Would it be harmful to use a prostate massager tool when you have bph and a very mild case of prostate cancer?

Ask a doctor. I don't know medically if it would, but I don't imagine it would effect the cancer on a cellular level. But I'm a highschool dropout, so ask your doctor. I would say that it is very foolish - what if in massaging the prostate a few cancer cells came loose, got into your blood stream and metastasized? And "a very mild case of cancer" - this does not sound very medical or accurate. Alternative answer: As you described your condition, in softer words, I would advise that you talk with your attending doctor. With the combination of BPH and prostate cancer (in any stage of growth), prostate massage is ill advised. There are far more complications with massage than the scope of this board abilities to answer. For a general informational note, BPH in its self has a tremendous hazard potential when the prostate is massaged, as does the cancer's ability to metastasis if massaged. Studies have shown the prostate massage is more of a sexual stimulus and has no medical benefits, and should never be used in either case of BPH or cancer of the prostate.

If a woman penetrates a man does that make him gay?

No, it may mean that the man enjoys the anal stimulation on his prostate. He is gay if he is sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex. If he is having sex with a woman that would suggest that he is not gay.

Why does it feel good to get your temples massaged?

When you have a headache, it feels good to get your templates massaged. When you are pressing on the temples, you are pressing on part of your sinuses.

Can a cancer patient be massaged?

A cancer patient can indeed be massaged. These cancer patients are likely very sore from treatment and would like a massage.

What is the connection between doing number 2 and the brain?

"Number 2" is assumed to mean Defecation. There is no direct connection, however, the rectum contains a gland called the prostate gland, which is a gland that, when massaged, releases certain chemical impulses to the brain which give the sensation of pleasure (Refer Prostate massages). Thus, when fecal matter pressures the gland, there are feelings of pleasure felt.

Have Joshua Dun ever massaged Debby Ryan's feet?

There is no way to know if Joshua Dun has ever massaged Debby Ryan's feet before.

Do guys finger themselves?

some guys do doesnt make them gay, stimulating the prostate can lead to very strong orgasm.

Where did prostate cancer originate from?

Prostate cancer originates in the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a gland in the male reproductive system. Prostate cancer can spread to other parts of the body from the prostate.

How does a male find his g-spot?

According to gay men, the male "g-spot" is located about 2 inches inside the anus. The reason they say this is because that is roughly where the prostate gland is inside. Women don't have a prostate gland. The prostate gland apparently has some nerves which can be stimulated during anal sex.

Is prostate massage a positive thing again prostate cancer?

Prostate massage is only recommended for prostate health issues, such as enlarged prostate (BPH) or prostatitis (prostate inflammation). Due to the potential risk of releasing prostate cancer cells that can spread to the body, it is not recommended that men with prostate cancer perform prostate massage.

What are the causes of enlarged Prostate?

There are several potential causes of enlarged prostate. These include:Age. Prostate enlargement is common in men over the age of 50.Prostate caner. Prostate cancer can lead to enlargement of the prostate.Prostatitis. Prostatitis, also known as prostate infection can lead to prostate pain, painful urination and prostate enlargement.

Can a penis be massaged?

Sure. It's called masturbation.

Do girls get prostate exam?

No. Girls do not have a prostate, so they do not get prostate exams.

How do you massage the prostate?

transrectally. There are three ways to massage a prostate gland. 1) Insert a gloved and lubricated into the rectum to reach the prostate. Massage each side of the prostate. 2) Insert a lubricated prostate massager into the rectum to reach the prostate. Muscle constrictions will help massage the prostate. 3) With an external prostate massager you can massage the prostate from outside the body.

What is the size of 'Prostate'?

The size of the prostate depends somewhat on age, but in general the prostate for an adult should be about the size of a walnut.

If a man wants you to slap him on the butt is it an indication that he is gay?

This is hardly an indication that he is gay. Sex and sexual identity are similar but also different. Anal sex and anal play does not make someone gay, even though it is very common for gay men to engage in anal play.Men have a prostate gland that is easily stimulated through the anus. So many heterosexual men enjoy being anally stimulated in order to hit this prostate gland. (A finger aught to do it.) This does not mean he is gay, nor will it make him gay.Along the same lines, there are many gay men who do not enjoy being penetrated. This does not make them any less gay.How one prefers to have sex is not a clear indication of their sexual orientation. The best way to find that out is through communication.

What does women's prostate do?

Women do not have prostate.

Can women and men get prostate cancer?

Only men have a prostate gland. Actually women do have a prostate gland, but it is much smaller than a man's prostate, and women generally do not get prostate cancer.

What body part is massaged longer than effective?


Do gay men ejaculate when they are receiving anal?

Sometimes, for some gay guys they don't like receiving anal sex. In most cases though, gay men can and often do ejaculate when receiving anal. The prostate is a g-spot so to speak for men and will make them ejaculate when stimulated.

Why is your prostate enlarged?

By age, prostate is physiologically enlarged. There is another normal enlargement of prostate when teenage due to hormonal changes. Pathological causes for prostate enlargement include prostatitis and/or prostate cancer.

Can you finger your butt without being gay?

Yes, all kinds of people enjoy anal stimulation, gay and straight. Some people never do it, of course. But it doesn't mean you are gay. You are gay if you are sexually and romantically attracted to the same sex. Men probably enjoy anal stimulation more because they have a prostate in there, which enjoys being stimulated.