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No if you are a Christian than you will no it won't.According to the Holy Bible it will not.

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โˆ™ 2010-10-06 20:20:24
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Q: Is it going to hurt when the world ends in 2012?
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Will it hurt when the world ends in 2012?

The world will NOT end in 2012. If it were going to end, yes, it would hurt. It's natural disasters! Exp: earthquakes The only reason people think the world will end is because 2012 is not on the Mayan calendar.

Will you get hurt if the world ends?

Yes you will get hurt if the world ends.

Would people be hurt when the world ends?

when we find out well tell ya :D

Will it hurt when the world ends?

People say that the world will end in May 21st. If you believe in this stuff, don't. The only person that would know is God.

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When the world ends is it going to hurt?

no one knows. but i think that how people say the world will end, people getting smashed, drowned, blown up, etc. will not happen. i don't know why God would "torture" us in that way. i just believe that when it happens, it will happen quick and simple.

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How many years left to the end of the world?

It is not true, and if you think that do you really want the world to end? It is going to hurt you more than it hurts the world

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