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No, absolutely not.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-16 06:50:49
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Q: Is it good to go back to an abusive partner?
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Do you give your abusive partner his belongings back?

Abusive or not, "his" belongings are his property and so in the eyes of the law they must go back to him. Anyway, if you tried to keep them, wouldn't that just make him MORE abusive?

Do abusive men go on to abuse their next partner?


Should you go back to abusive relationship?

Why would you even think about going back to an abusive relationship? Unless you want to get beat on for the rest of your life.

Why do women go back to an abusive relationship?

Well, for one, they shouldn't go back at all, and if they do, they are asking for more abuse. Women go back because they are afraid of what might happen in the longrun.

What do you do if you are a woman who is abusive in her relationships?

get the hell out! family, friends and then government for help. I did not understand if you are the abusive partner - or the victim of abuse. == What I think you should do is go to a guidance councelor for help. If it gets serious you should go to someone you feel safe with and ask for help. If it makes matters worse then go to the police.

How can you go back to your husband after he kicked you out?

Why do you want to? That's abusive to throw someone out. It's better for you and him!

You treated your partner badly and she left?

Well, only you know what you did and how unforgivable it was. If there was any chance of its being abusive, then you'll need to let her go for good. Work on changing your values and get behavioral therapy before taking on a new relationship.

What is a good abusive relationship slogan?

After receiving that first blow it's time to GO!

Defending yourself against an abusive husband?

---- Call the police, if the abuse continues, then leave him and never go back. ----

Would Italy be a good trading partner for Canada and why?


What happen when your boyfriend is abusive and you want to leave?

If he is really abusive go to the police! You should go to counseling or something.

What if your friend wants to go back to her boyfriend that abused her?

If you have tried to talk your friend out of going back to her abusive boyfriend then you have done all you can as a trusted and loyal friend and this means your friend is a slow learner. Just let her learn the hard way and be there when she needs a shoulder to cry on the second time around and hopefully she will get the message by then. Young woman (woman of any age) will often want to go back to their abusive boyfriend or husband because they have low self esteem.

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