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yes because it doubles the magnitude of muscle building signals

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Q: Is it good to work out on a empty stomach?
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Is it good to exercise on an empty stomach?

It is not a good idea to exercise on an empty stomach. There are no nutrients to fuel the exercise.

IS it good to drink tender coconut in empty stomach?

Drinkind tender cocunut in empty stomach is good for health

Is it good to take lemon and honey in empty stomach in the early morning?

honey would be good but lemon might not be good for the empty stomach

Can you eat apple in empty stomach?

Yes, you can eat an apple on an empty stomach. You can also eat any other food on an empty stomach.

What is a good simile for hunger?

I mean like.. my stomach rumbles like a .... earthquake my stomach is as empty as... Please reply!

What is a sentence for empty?

My stomach is empty~ its true!

What are the folds in the stomach when the stomach is empty?


When can you eat after taking medicine on an empty stomach?

One hour after taking medicine on an empty stomach.

What is the volume of an empty stomach?

The volume of an average adult's empty stomach is 1/5 of a cup.

When is the best time to take L-Carnitine?

Early in the morning on an empty stomach and before work-out!

What side does the stomach empty on?

The stomach empties on the right.

Can alcohol consumption on an empty stomach affect you?

Yes, alcohol on an empty stomach can get into your blood stream quicker. It can also irritate your stomach.

Should colostrum be taken on an empty stomach or can it be taken with juice or food?

take it with water on empty stomach

Can methadone be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes but you dont wanna go on an empty stomach for long.Try to eat if you can

How many cookies could you eat on an empty stomach?

one because then your stomach won't be empty

How many sour pickles can you eat on an empty stomach?

one and then your stomach wont be empty any more

Is it better to run with an empty or full stomach?

Neither. You should have something in your stomach, and settled, but you should not be full (you will get sick) or empty (your stomach will cramp).

What happens when you drink alcohol with an empty stomach?

Alcohol is more readily absorbed on an empty stomach, than the slow absorption on a full stomach.

Does drinking warm water empty stomach lose weight?

It hasn't been proven drinking warm water on an empty stomach helps with weight loss. It is good to drink a lot of water, though!

What is the Medical abbreviation meaning on an empty stomach?

AC is the medical abbreviation meaning before meals, or on an empty stomach.

Is it ok to drink celery tea with an empty stomach?

That's how I heard its suppose to be drank. Hot and on an empty stomach.

Why do people vomit on an empty stomach?

I don't think you can vomit on an empty stomach. You can get nauseated but will only lead to dry heaves since there is nothing in your stomach

When you are hungry your body?

Has an empty stomach.

Which side does the stomach empty out on?


Can you take aspirin on an empty stomach?