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R/C hands down, you don't have the seat of the pants feeling to control you movements.

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Q: Is it harder to fly a remote control helicopter or a real helicopter?
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Is a human control real?

Yes , it works like a sky remote

Is a US Military drone a robot?

no it is more like a remote control real airplain

Can you use remote control car fuel to run a real car engine?

Remote control cars use battery and some cars can run on just battery so, yeah.

When was the first real flying helicopter?

Sikorsky's V-300 was the first practical helicopter.

Was a helicopter invented on 400AD?

In 400 AD there was a toy with the principle and shape of a helicopter. It was not a real helicopter. It was only a toy. The first manned flight was in 1906.

What is the real nickname for a regular helicopter?

I have heard 'whirlybird'

What is a helicopter seeds real name?

A Boxelder Tree Seed

How much does the Wii motion plus improve your control?

motion plus reads movement in 3d space in real time. an example will be swordplay, the movement of the remote is mirrored on screen the sword in real time.

Is the picture where the shark attacked a diver on a helicopter ladder real?


Is the Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson a real helicopter?

No. But it would be awesome if it were. If you have Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX you can purchase a flight model of this fictitious Helicopter from Nemeth Designs. Its a fantastic model that has a fully articulated ducted fan control system. Great fun to fly and watch the replays of your flight!

What is remote working system?

Remote monitoring provides you a cloud enable platform for real time monitoring. By using it, you can quickly determine whether your equipment is working properly. Remote monitoring and control refers to the measurement of disparate devices from a network operations center or over the internet. The Exosite website ( is providing excellent stuff about remote monitoring system.

What do rc model airplanes look like/?

Remote Control model airplanesd often look just like real airplanes. Enthusiasts will build their models to scale exactly as a real airplane and often paint them the same as well.