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Is it harmful to eat baby powder?

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Eating Baby Powder:

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  • Eating nonfood items like laundry starch is a normal human behavior referred to by professionals as "pica." People have been known to eat everything from mud to tire tubes to laundry starch. Think of a stereotypical pregnant woman craving pickles and ice cream: it's basically the same thing, only they crave nonfood items like packing peanuts. Basically, as long as whatever you consume is not toxic, you're perfectly fine chewing, swallowing, spitting, eating etc.
  • What a strange habit. Eating most anything not meant to be eaten is harmful. I hope that hose addicted would do something about it. I'm not sure if there are counselors that specialize in this area, but if there is, maybe those addicted should talk to them.
  • You can make the choice about whether or not you use baby powder but it can harm a child if it is ingested by irritating the lungs and causing them to swell. So if you do use baby powder, apply to diaper or your hand and then to the diaper area - to keep it away from the baby's face.
  • All I know is that I have eaten baby powder for 10 years and it has done nothing to me. But, I am worried because, like cigarettes, it could be harmful, but just take a long time to show just how harmful it is. I feel something like addiction to it. But if I one day heard that if I don't stop I'd die, I would definitely stop. If you have not eaten it, I don't think you should. But if you have, find out whether or not it is harmful.
  • I have been eating powder since the age of 3 I am now 33 years old. I have tried to quit many times. I do not share this information with anyone but I feel I do need help.
  • I am so addicted to eating baby powder and have been for over a year now. I only eat Johnson's but, so far, it has done absolutely no harm to my body. I heard it is a common eating disorder called Pica.
  • I was eating baby powder for a long time, but now I have an addiction to chalk; it is said not to be all that harmful, but it is a mineral deficiency.
  • I, too, am addicted to baby powder. I have eaten it since I was old enough to hold the bottle. It doesn't end there. I also eat Argo starch. Based on the research that I have done on it, it is a vitamin deficiency (mineral). I also found that it is referred to as Pica. I was able to quit several times, but the slightest smell of it draws me right back. I love the texture of it. I also love crushed ice. I was told that the two are closely related.
  • I view my addiction to baby powder the same as someone having an addiction to a cigarettes. I crave it. Just the thought of it has me salivating for it. I would love to stop, but can't. If I think about it while I'm out of the house, the moment I return I have to eat some. It sounds like I'm out of control, but at least I don't carry it with me... yet. If that ever occurs I will feel like I hit rock bottom. I hope it doesn't cause any health problems for me.
  • As a new mom who does not use baby powder BECAUSE now it is suspected to cause cancer just by INHALING talcum, I am quite stunned to learn that there is such an addiction. From a health point of view it sounds crazy. But if it makes so many people happy, why not.
  • I also eat baby powder. I just love it. I would do anything to get some.
  • This is so crazy to find others whom have the same addiction. Yes i have it, and yes i also prefer Johnson's brand and i use to crave chalk, but now it is just baby powder. The cravings get overwhelming close to my menstrual cycle. I'm in graduate school for Forensic Psychology and yes i have heard of Pica but definition doesn't correlate to my cravings. I found another term. Known as geophagia, eating earth substances such as clay or dirt is a form of pica that can cause iron deficiency. I think my iron is low. My mouth waters too! This is a crazy thing to do. I even have gone to the extreme and bought purse size baby powder. My friends all know and find it funny but I am concerned about long term side effects also.
  • This is so weird to me because i never thought that there were so many other people that love to eat baby powder as much as i do. It's so addictive, i have tried to stop eating it many times, but i just cant, just the thought of it makes me crave it. the main things that draw me to it is the smell for one and the texture, then there's the taste I don't know whats wrong with me... I have just always ate and love baby powder. I do worry about my health sometimes, I hope it doesn't leave any long term damage... baby powder is like a drug, once you start its VERY hard to quit...
  • Wow! I didn't know so many people had the same addiction ... I also eat baby power with cornstarch if I can't get baby power i get ice lots of ice. I worry that because I eat baby power my weight is increasing.
  • Wow, I never knew it was a name for it... but I have been eating baby powder for about 3 years now. I have tried to stop, and I also love ice. I only told my best friend who is very supportive and my other friend who eats powder too... but its like something you cant control. It's like a drug. I never knew there was so many other people like me and I didn't know there was a name for it... and I'm only 16.
  • I have been eating baby powder since I was five off and on. I stopped at age 10. Then I had a baby at 18 and started eating it again. I thought I was the only one who did this. I am glad to hear that I am not as I am now 37. I am going to try to stop after I finish this last bottle (I just bought it yesterday). I don't know if it is hurting me or not. My grandmother use to eat argo starch in the burgundy box. Maybe I inherited this thing?
  • Yes, I too eat baby powder, but I only eat Johnson's pure cornstarch with aloe and vitamin E. I can eat a 22 oz. bottle within two days, and crave more and more. I am so glad to find that other people eat this to. I have been eating this since I was 11, and I am now 19. None of my friends and family know I feel like this. They would all laugh at me. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.
  • I recently visited a popular drug pharmacy store in Ohio, when I overheard the check out clerk talking about some young girls that were caught on the store's video tape consuming baby power from the stores shelf. She described it as they removed the top with there teeth and just bottom up the power without pausing, has anyone heard of such a bizarre behavior?
  • I've been eating baby powder at since a young age, and nothing has changed. I eat Landers baby powder and I want to know how that will affect me in the future, or will affect me when I have kids.
  • I too eat baby powder and now I'm glad to know I'm not the only person. I prefer Johnson's and I carry a purse size one. I have it hidden all over the house so that I can get some whenever I want without my husband or my kids catching me. It's so addictive, but it's so good. I've tried to stop, but I shop a lot in stores that sell it, so when I see it I have to have it. It hasn't caused me any problems but I do find that I bleed harder during my cycle. I also have low iron.
  • I too eat baby powder, I've been eating it for about a year and a half. I eat Walgreen's brand pure cornstarch baby powder. I like it because its very low on fragrance so that i can enjoy the cornstarch more. I bought a bottle today and ate some, and threw it away. I'm trying to stop this addiction, it's causing me to gain weight =[ , I at least want to stop to control my weight, but I don't think it could do much harm on you unless you are eating talc powder.
  • I've never heard of anyone eating baby powder... sounds a little ridiculous to me but if it makes you happy then go for it. I am not sure if it can harm you but I use baby powder on my kids.
  • I eat baby talcum powder too and I can see it's a follow on or strain of my ED. It does worry me though.