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The condition of eating substances that are not considered part of a normal diet or at least not in the form in which they are eaten is called Pica. Generally, people who do this have a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency. The harmful effects of eating raw flour would be due to the consistency of the flour itself. It is possible to inhale particles into the lungs, thereby causing respiratory problems. Consulting a physician to explore options in resolving the issue would be advisable.

IIWhile eating flour is strange, there's no health related reason not to do it. Pica is actually eating non-food items such as dirt, clay, hair and feces. Last time I checked, flour is considered a food item. Other advice from the community:
  • I don't know why anyone would actually do that (I am guessing you do, though?) but I would highly doubt that it is harmful, because flour is used in bread, and cake, and a whole bunch of stuff. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  • Don't feel alone, I do this too. My parents bought flour and I found myself eating the whole bag within two and a half weeks. I don't chew it though; I just swallow it a certain way. I think something is wrong with me.
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What nuts were used by Native Americans to make flour?

Acorns, but they had to be ground then the flour rinsed with hot water several times to get the acid out.

What ingredients does macaroni have?

Flour, salt, and egg. To get it real think you get a noodle maker and run the dough through it several times to make it thin.

Where did flour orginate from?

Flour has been made since prehistoric times.

How do you get a question you authored removed I have asked several times I marked it as harmful twice but it reappears?

Valid questions will be retained. No reason to delete them.

Is it harmful on the baby to have eaten tuna several times before finding out you are pregnant Like the first two weeks into your pregnancy?

No - you'll be fine.

How are animals harmful?

animals are harmful at times because they can steal your food and carry harmful diseases

A recipe I would like to try calls for niseste flour. What type of flour is niseste flour?

It's a very fine corn flour. Some sources say it is a fine rice flour, some say it is a fine wheat flour, some even say it is cornstarch or wheat starch. I'm just passing on what I personally have been told. I will try the recipe several times using corn flour, rice flour and cornstarch to see which one is better for the recipe I will be using. Thank you very much for the information. It is most valuable.

How was flour milled in medieval times?

Flour was milled between two large flat stones.

What do millers do in colonial times?

Millers made flour in the colonial times.

Who made flour?

Flour has been made and used from ancient times. It is not possible to determine who first ground grain to make flour.

What is superfine flour?

is it many times sifted

How mush is Three fourth cup flour twenty two times?

Three fourth cup flour twenty two times is 16 cups.

Is gram flour and corn flour the same?

Gram flour is made from chick peas which are also known as grams in India. "Corn flour" is a term used in Australia to describe at times corn meal or a flour made from maize.

What can you substitute for cake flour?

One cup of All-Purpose flour. Remove 2 tbsp of the flour and replace with 2 tbsp of cornstarch. Sift about 5 times to combine well.

A baker at Rods bakery misreads the direction and uses 5 34 cups of flour in a recipe this is 1 34 times too much flour what is correctamount of flour to use?

you have to divide it.

If you have done something several times how many times is several?

The word 'several' can mean different things. For example, several minutes and several years are different.

Why does flour weigh more than sugar?

Flour does NOT weigh more than sugar. Sugar is about 3 times heavier by volume.

Where did a medieval times baker get flour?

Bakers got flour from millers. Both bakers and millers commonly lived in towns and on manors.

What size is a giant star?

The largest can have several hundred times the diameter of the Sun.The largest can have several hundred times the diameter of the Sun.The largest can have several hundred times the diameter of the Sun.The largest can have several hundred times the diameter of the Sun.

What is the meaning of Bengal gram flour?

It is Chick pea flour. Known as Basan flour too. Used for preparing Indian Sweets and savories, some times it is used as thickening agents too.

Was there flour in medieval times?

Oh yes, flour was in use during the medieval period. Flour was used even in the ancient world, that preceded the medieval period. It has been in use for thousands of years.

How do you calculate water absorption capacity of food material?

total wt. of water and flour minus the wt. of gluten divided by the total wt. of flour and water then times 100 = flour absorption %

If you do 4 times a day will it be harmful?

Great question. If you don't do 4 times a day it will be even more harmful. I mean, to do is to do. You just have to do. Even Nike agrees...Just do it. Retard.

A white powder used at meal times?

Flour? Confectioner's Sugar?

Does freezing or being several years old affect time release fertilizers?

Old fertilizers that have been frozen and thawed several times have probably decomposed. Depending on the fertilizer, some can be harmful to plants once they have broken down. It is best to use new fertilizers.