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ya know i meant shine the light through the skin on my stomach

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โˆ™ 2009-07-01 02:43:32
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Q: Is it harmful to shine a flashlight onto fetus?
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Light hits an object and bounces off of it This is called?

Reflection, because say you shine a flashlight at a mirror, and it bounces off onto a wall that is reflection.

Why does the moon appear to shine?

The Moon appears to shine because of the Sun's reflection of light onto the Moon.

What happens when you shine yellow light onto green?

it does backflips

What happens when you shine a light ray onto a mirror?

it reflects

How do want to get from kipling to shimmer and shine?

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What happens when you shine a light ray onto a ray box?

It is reflected

What type of radiation do black lights shine onto a bank note?


How do you put a flashlight together?

To put a flashlight together, first slide the batteries into the tube. Next, fit the bulb chamber onto the opening and screw it down until it is snug.

Where is a 2002 Ford F150's blower motor located?

The A/C blower motor is located under the dash board, passenger side behind the glove compartment. You can see the motor housing by using a mirror and flashlight. Hold the mirror on the floor board and shine the flashlight onto the mirror while moving the mirror around. The "end" of the blower motor looks like one half of a ball.

How do you shine boots?

you get black polisha nd a cloth and rub it onto the boot until it shines

How do you make a rainbow in the classroom?

shine a ray from a ray box into a glass prism onto a black background

What is it called when you shine light onto a mirror to produce illumination elsewhere?

We can call this reflection, or illumination by reflection.

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