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Is it healthy to run 30 to 45 minutes every day?

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The answer is a yes and a no you should you should not run you should jog at least 3 to 4 days over 45 minutes...I was jogging everyday over an hour. I had to have surgery on one knee and now possibly on the other knee by next year...and I have a torn ligament on my left hind leg...and do not jog on pavement jog at a park where its like dirt covered with some small rocks... yes it is healthy for you. torn ligaments etc occur when there has been lack of stretching before and after jogging/running therefore tearing the muscles...

2008-07-17 23:10:31
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How do you get rid of fat on your stomach in a month?

run every day, and eat healthy food.

How fast can you lose belly fat if you run in place or run out of place for ten minutes every day?

10 mins

Is soccer healthy?

Football is a healthy sport as you run, jump for 90 minutes.

How much weight will you lose if you run for fifteen minutes every day?

1 pound 1 pound

How can you practice for a mile run?

You can run alittle more every day stretch your legs out as much as possible. Also, eat alot of healthy food

How far can a hamster run in a hamster ball for a minute?

yes my hamster runs for about 20-25 minutes every day

What are the bus times from Romford train station to Queen's hospital?

They run every couple of minutes during the day. The journey time takes 5-10 minutes.

Is it healthy to go to the gym every day?

You need to go to the gym every day so you don't get cramp and stuff. Also you need gym for energy and you need energy to run, walk,speak and all that.

Is it not good for your body if you run 12 miles every day 6 days a week?

As long as you are fit and healthy, if you run 12 miles every day, 6 days a week your body will definitely benefit from your hard work. Any exercise is good for the body.

How can I burn 355 calories a day?

Run for an hour every day , 15 mins of Cardio , and ten minutes of Hi-intensity , you will lose more that 355 calories if you can not run power walk that did the trick for me

Is it healthy to run 15 miles every for a week?


If you run 20 minuts a day how much weigh do you lose a week?

Running 20 minutes each day will result in weight loss, provided it is part of a healthy balanced diet. The two go together.

How can you lose weight in less than 2 months?

I'm just a fat kid. But I'll answer it. Ride your bike for about 54 minutes. Run for 55 minutes and jump rope for 34 minutes,if you have a jump rope. Do this every day.

Can you get a six-pack abs from jogging?

yea you can you juz have to run every day for like an hour or 30 minutes the most and dont eat before you run or you will vomit but its true

How hard should someone exercise?

You do not have to use all your strength! You exercise 30 minutes a day and do the best you can. You do not have to PUSH yourself as hard as you can... that might be unhealthy! Just take thirty minutes every day and run around the neighborhood a couple of times!

How do you get fatter legs?

run every day!!!!!

How many minutes should you run in a day to lose weight?

If you are trying to loose weight, you should run/walk on a tredmill for about 30 minutes.

If you were doing weight training exercises what would be the proper ammount of running to do in a week?

One should run every other day. Studies show that those who exercise everyday lose less weight than those who exercise every other day. You should run thirty minutes in one session.

If you were a cheetah what would you do and why?

i will run every day.i will hunt.i will stretch every day...

Is it more beneficial to run 5 miles every day or every other day and lift weights on those off days?

It depends how old you are. If you're barely a teenager, you should run every other day and lift weights 3 times a week. If youre older, then run every other day and lift weights on off days.

How do you lose 5 kg in a week?

Run for 30 minutes a day

What exercises promote healthy hearts in seniors?

There are lots of excercises you can do to keep your heart healthy. The main one is cardiac, because that is your heart. Make sure you run every day and drink lots of water. You can find more exercises online.

What times does the tram run to Victoria Peak Hong Kong?

The Peak Tram runs every day, including Sundays and public holidays, between 7am and midnight. The tram departs every 10-15 minutes

If a train runs every 7 minutes how many will have run in 2 hours?


What does a "running diet" consist of?

A running diet is when you go on a diet, but you go for a run every day and keep yourself motivated to do it. It works, I run every day and I am seeing great results.