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Is it illegal for a girl to dress up as 80s boy george in nz?


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no, i dont know why it would be illegal

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well i guess, but i would want to dress up as a girl.

no, I'm a girl and i dress up as him all the time

Dressing up for a costume party is not illegal

A girl can dress up as a boy george ONLY if you where the correct clothes and the correct hair-do and if you wear MAKE UP! Girls I know you have a make up where ever you go so ...

Of course! His fans dressed and wore make up like him no matter what gender they were when he was big in the 80s.

She could be. It would depend on the girl.

No, the image and material of Boy George are protected by law. In order to impersonate him you will have to receive permission to do so.

It is acceptable for a girl to dress up as a boy for any party if it is affiliated with dressing up and costumes. Keep in mind, a party is only a day and a costume party lets one express themselves and expand their horizons by being something other than themselves. It's a new experience and should be applauded. If a girl is wanting to dress as a boy for every themed party, then you have something worry about.

of course she can, providing she gets the costumes and the make up right.

He was in the band WHAM! in the 80s.

Sure, in fact, it might look cute. Aside from music and shock value, Boy George's carefully chosen attire was all about blurring the lines of sexual identity. Although for biological reasons built into us for the preservation of the race, most of us will always want to determine the other's sexual identity, there are still good reasons why sexual identity should not be the defining element. So, perhaps the question is this, can you be you with a blurring of your sexual identity? If so, go for it.

This question has been asked and answered previously. Boy George's image, music and individualized style is, without a doubt, legally protected. You cannot dress, appear, or perform as he would - or do any kind of commercial (i.e.: for profit) work or appearance while appearing as him. The only exception might be if you were dressed in some kind of makeshift costume (as for Halloween, for instance).

If it's acting, you can be anyone, no matter what gender you are.

Bananarama, The Cover Girls, The Go-Gos, Bangels

Flats definitely that are neon colors

i still dont know we are coming back into the 80s so the decadis are changing

Hi, What is the name of the rock-pop band from the 80s who had this horror music video in white and black, a girl is the singer, the video includes several monsters like frankenstein and the wolfman thanks

Yes, he definitely did have lessons. I remember reading about it in the 80s. There was a woman that gave him lessons. She also gave Boy George lessons. She said that George Michael had a great voice and a good ear.

My sources say somewhere around the 80s

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