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Cheating is cheating is cheating is cheating. They could be on the MOON and it would be NO different.

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Q: Is it illegal for a wife to cheat on a deployed husband?
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Is it illegal for a wife to cheat on her husband while he is deployed?

its adultery which is a sin, not illegal unless in a prenup situation

Can a military wife return to her home state if her husband is deployed?


Is it illegal to cheat on your wife in Oklahoma?


Would a husband cheat on his wife if he was happy with her?

if your husband was happy with you he would not cheat on you, unless he wasn't in love with you

Which states is it illegal to cheat on your wife?


Out of how many wifes does one wife cheat on her husband?

It is unknown how many wife cheat on their husbands. Some wives cheat on their husbands and never tell.

Should you cheat on my wife because she cheated on me while you were deployed?

heck no! just because she cheated on you doesnt give you any reason to cheat on her.

What is a exmisstress?

an exmisstress is a woman who a husband used to cheat on his wife with.

Does a husband cheat to cause the wife to leave?

yes. or maybe he thinks that the wife is not perfect enough. Or, husband finds someone better than the married wife.

Why would a husband cheat on his wife after 29 years of marriage?

because he can

How long does a husband wait after getting caught cheating until or if he decides to cheat again?

No one can predict if a husband will or will not cheat again and it depends on the individual husband. Some men will feel guilty and certainly upset at hurting his wife (possibly children) and will never cheat again while other husbands will let things cool off and cheat the next time they get a chance.

How can a husband cheat on you and feel that the wife will not move on?

If you will not move on, Then move out. Make a choice and get it done.

If a husband felt really bad about cheating on his wife and hurt his family after getting caught cheating what are the chances he will cheat again if the wife isn't having sex with him?

In my experience, as both a husband and a wife, 100%

Why would a wife cheat on her lover with her husband?

Because, to be fair, she is married to the husband. So technically, she's cheating on the husband with the lover; not the other way round.

Can you cheat on your wife in skyrim?

No, you can not cheat on your wife or husband in Skyrim once married the Amulet of Mara will not work anymore until your wife or husband has been killed in combat or you murder her or him yourself ( if you would like to try this save before anything kill your wife or husband and then wear the amulet and then find someone and then you could just load back at the saved point before you killed her or him) Note: you must wait 1-3 game days to get a letter about the death of your wife or husband then remarry.

What is cheating in French?

To cheat (during an exam) is 'tricher' in French. To cheat on one's wife / husband is 'tromper sa femme / son mari'.

Is it illegal for my husband to check wife's credit?

If the wife doesn't want him to and he does it anyway, she can probably sue him.

What is the definition to abusive relationships?

the definition of an abusive relationship is the husband beats the wife or/and the wife beats the husband. they can either cheat on each other or literally beat each other with an item or anything

Is the wife behavior or manners cost the husband to look for another woman?

i assume you're referring to cheating? infidelity? this question could have many answers- who knows why spouses cheat? the husband should tell the wife if he has a problem with her, and hopefully the wife can try to change that aspect so that they can have a better relationship. however, this is NO reason for a man to CHEAT on his wife (or vice versa).

What are the rights and duties of a religious husband and wife?

the ten commandments? and 1 more thou shall not cheat :)

Can wife sign check on husband checking account?

Only if the account has her a a signatory. Otherwise it is forgery and illegal

Is it illegal for a third party to cause trouble between a husband and wife.?

Depends on what kind of trouble. not directly.

Is a spouse a husband or wife?

It is either. If you are the husband your spouse is your wife. If you are the wife your spouse is your husband.

Should you make the other person in the affair tell his or her wife or husband?

yes you should because that is who they decided to cheat on you with.

What should a wife do when her husband cheats What strategies can be done done for men cheating?

There are no "strategies" for men who cheat-unless there is the off chance the wife is not sleeping with him. Men who cheat have issues that only God or a trained therapist can solve.