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Is it illegal if you are 18 and want to get married to someone who is 15 but your parents do not accept it so you do it without their permission?


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The minor person must have parental permission. If you took her to another state, without the permission of her parents you could be charged with a Federal and/or state crime, even if she went willingly. There are state and federal statutes that protect minors, whether they wish to be protected or not. And whether her parents were agreeable or not. Tread carefully...very carefully. It's illegal if her parents disapprove, but not if yours do. An 18 year old does not require parental permission to get married.

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If you are over 18. or, in some states, you have to be over 21. It depends. If the legal adult age in your state is 18, then if you are 18+ you can get married without parents permission.

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Yes, if you have parental consent, you can get married at 17. Be aware that in many states, if both parents have equal custody, then the signature of both is required.

To get married in the US you need to be 18+ or have your parents permission. Most states will allow a 16 year old or above to get married with parental permission. There are a few situations where it may be allowed at a younger age, but they involve pregnancy and may require medical certification and/or a court order.

No, only someone "of age" (18 years) can live without parental permission, If they do the parents can be charged with abuse.

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The legal age to get married without parental permission is 18 in the majority of the world. If you are underage, you can legally be married with permission from both parents, but there are limitations, most states won't allow someone under 16 to get married, even with parental permission. Some parts of the world, like Bangladesh, women are forced to marry and have children with older men at around age 12.

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