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No, because it is considered "sharing" music.

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Is it illegal to put music on your website?

Yes If you do not have permission. If its your music yes.

Downloading music without permission is illegal?

Absolutley... Do not do it!

Is it illegal to copy and paste music and movies?

Yes. It is illegal to copy and paste music and movies. You need expressed permission from the labels to do that. That's what copyright protection is (and DRM).

What do you call people whop use their computer to download films and music with out permission which is illegal?

what do you call people who us etheir computer to download films an dmusic with oput permission which is illegal

Is it illegal to use music in YouTube videos?

No, as long as it is entirely your original work, or you have permission from the rightsholders.

Is it illegal to perform copyrighted music without permission?

Unless the performance would fall under the "fair use" or other exception to copyright law, yes it is illegal to perform copyrighted music without permission.One of the rights that copyright confers is "the right to perform the work publicly".

What is illegal to download on the internet?

Any download that violates the copyright license is considered an illegal download. Downloading music, movies, books, etc, without permission from the owner of the content is illegal.

Is it illegal to download music video of YouTube by YouTube downloader?

Yes ,but you can get permission from the person who made the music video if you can. You can put video's that you made. ~DarthVaderMG

What is the punishment for illegal sharing of music files?

The punishment for illegally sharing music is prosecution in criminal court or being sued if you do not have permission to share the music. There can be a fine of $750 per song.

Is it illegal to play music on a website with no permission no download to music just play?

i would think it wouldn't depends on what website Actually, it would most certainly be illegal unless the party you download it from has a license to distribute the music. If they do not, then it's illegal for them to distribute it, and you to receive it. Notice, that when you "play music on a website", you are actually downloading and playing the song in real time.

Is it illegal to download copyrighted music only if the song's copyright holder has granted permission for users to download and play the song?


Is downloading copyrighted music a bad thing?

dude it should not be illegal. but unfortunatly it is illegal, so dont do it. If you are doing it without permission and without paying for it, you are stealing. It is and should be illegal. People who write and produce music in order to make a living don't want the material stolen from them. Would you?

Is it legal to use music publicly without permission even if the track is played in reverse?

No, It is illegal, this would be plagiarizing regardless of which direction it is played.

How do you get permission to use music for a CD that I want to make and sell?

There Really is no LEGAL way to do this. Unless you consult the record company itself, it is considered illegal

How do you play lucky on the alto saxophone?

You cannot tell the notes for the sheet music, it is illegal, you have to buy the music yourself, the only reason music teachers can make copies is because they have permission and they own a score. Any ?s. Message me!

Is it illegal to use LimeWire to download music?

If the music is copyrighted it is illegal. Yes. If the music is copyrighted it is illegal. Yes. Unless you purchase the music. In Canada it's legal.

Where can you purchase free downloads of Earth Wind and Fire music?

One does not purchase "free" downloads. It is illegal to download free music unless given permission. One can purchase Earth, Wind, and Fire music legally from Itunes or Amazon.

Is it legal to get a ringtone online for free?

If the music is copyrighted then it would be illegal without the permission from the artist and/or label. Ask to, you will get response in 20 mins

Can you get sued for using someones beat for a song?

Yes. It doesn't matter if you make money off of it or not. If you use someone else's music without their permission it is ILLEGAL.

How do you get permission to copy music you have borrowed?

Most music publishers have simple forms on their websites for requesting permission to photocopy.

How can you get instrumentals for a song?

It all depends on if you have permission. If I took an instrumental song and posted in on it's illegal. In general, reposting music in a commerical manner is ALWAYS illegal from either way you look at it. Another example is if I posted music on facebook, myspace, or some other commerical site.

Is downloading music off playlist illegal?

Technically, if your not paying for the music, then yes; it is illegal.

Is downloading songs from Limewire legal or illegal?

LimeWire is completely legal. However, the purpose many people use it for is not. Downloading copyrighted music, videos, or programs without the permission of the author is illegal. This is called "copyright infringement" or "piracy."

What did hector berlioz play?

Hector Berlioz did not play piano, but when he was 12 he started studing music.. and he leant to play the flute, flagaolet, and guitar.

How do you add music to your website legally?

Have permission from the creator of the music or upload your own music.

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