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Yes, pitbulls are illegal in Winnipeg....anything that resembles a pitbull is illegal

I didn't find this place in the list. In the related links box below, I posted that information.

As long as they are sterilized and registered they are legal in kcmo. This is basically the only place they arent banned. I have 2 of them.

Yes pitballs are illegal in the UK.

yes you can have pit bulls in Chicago...there are alot of pitbulls in Chicago and i have own two pitbulls in Chicago.

There is no ban in that area.

Kansas City and Independence passed ordinances restricting pit bull ownership. Kansas City's law requires pit bulls to be spayed or neutered, while Independence's bans new pit bulls and requires registration of those within the city when the ordinance was enacted.

No, but they are in Denver and Aurora

Pitbulls are banned in Germany.

Some cities have bans on pitbulls but not the entire state.

At least they have no ban in the area.

Yes butterfly knife's are illegal in the state of kansas.

In the related links box below, I posted a link showing the places where pitbulls are banned in Kansas.

in certain places of Florida like for example Miami

There is a ban in most cities in that state.

some couties has banned pitbulls and the reason is inresponsible owners.

North Miami/Dade County has the ban. Tamarac has restrictions.

American pitbulls are generally illegal in Australia. Other bred variations of the pitbull are not illegal...yet. Please note that Australia is a state based country and as such, each states has its own laws. If you are not certain about the law in your state, contact the local canine association - they will know the law applicable to you.

I posted the places with restrictions in Tennessee in the related links box below.

Missouri has list quite big. In the related links box, I posted the information.

coz they are very very mean and kill peopl. Oh, and I like chocolate!

It is not illegal, but I suggest not to get a tattoo.

In the related links box below, I posted a website concerning Denver's pitbulls.

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