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Yes, selling knock off's is a serious offense.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-10 05:34:11
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Q: Is it illegal to sell a fake handbag?
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Is it illegal to sell fake handbags in Australia?

There are some legitimate sites that sell fake handbags, just like BabaReplica.

Is it illegal to buy and sell replica handbags?

Depends on country. For example, in France it is both illegal to sell AND to wear a replica handbag. It is not illegal to sell replica handbags in the UK, if they are described as such at the time of sale.

Is It illegal to sell Fake Uggs When It says there real?


Is it illegal to sell fake jerseys?

Yes; it is a violation of trademark.

What is the price of a fake 31 phillip lim handbag?

It dependes. Some people sell it really cheap and others dont.

How do you get a cheap Louis Vuitton handbag?

If you find a Louis Vuitton handbag that's cheap, it's probably a fake and a knockoff. They sell it in the malls. Real ones are much more expensive.

Is it illegal to buy fake guitars?

It is not illegal to purchase a fake guitar when you know it is fake. It is illegal to sell a fake guitar without revealing that it is fake. That is called fraud. Selling a fake guitar, or other item, even when you reveal that it is a fake, may be illegal as a trade mark infringement. If you buy an item that you know is counterfeit, then you are aiding and abetting the counterfeiters.

How much is a fake Louis Vuitton worth.?

Nothing as it is illegal to sell it (because it is a fake and breaches copyright/patent).

Is it illegal to purchase a fake watch like a fake Rolex?

It would not be illegal to buy it, but if you represent it as a real Rolex when you sell it you will be violating international copyright laws as well as the Hobby Protection Act. No, but it is illegal to be the one selling a fake rolex or fake anything.

Where can I sell a fake rolex?

In rome - they do it all the time but it is illegal, so dont do it !

Is RICCI5 a fake handbag site?

Yes, they are replicas

Is it illegal to sell fake jordans?

Yeah, and the feds are breaking down people doing this.

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