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Do you love him, if you love him then it is fine but saying from the post about 15 years older he is looking for a daughter i think not . it depends if you to have a passionet love and want to get married if not getting married then you shouldn't but if you are getting married and/or are married then it is fine

Well if it is legal then it is fine, my grandmother was 17 when she had her first child she met my grandad when she was 15 if she was 1 he would be 19 so when she was 15 he would have been 33 and when she was 17 he would have been 35 round about them ages so i would say if you love them go for it

Age GapsYou are asking for a value judgment. I'll just make a few comments on the assumption that both parties are legally in the clear.
  • There's an enormous gap in experience of life, of the 'big wide world' and a huge gap in maturity. This means that it is very easy indeed for the older person to exploit the younger party.
  • Why would a woman of, say, 40 want to have sex with a man in his early 20s? Does she want a 'dirty young man', as it were? Is she, perhaps, afraid of sex with men closer to her own age?
  • If it a relationship (and not just sex), then it's likely to have some of the characteristics of a mother-son relationship. I don't see how it can be a partnership of equals.
  • Having said all this, I'm aware that at various times in the past, it was common for men to marry women much younger than themselves.
ANOTHER ANSWERPAALEASE!! Men marry MUCH younger women all the time. Sometimes the age difference is MANY years. NOT IN the past. TODAY. Michael Douglas is OLDER than his wife's (Katherine Zeta Jones') FATHER. Nobody bats an eye. Anna Nicole Smith married a man like 60 years her senior. Lets get off the stereotyping and judging. My wife is 16 years my senior and friends and family would KILL for what we have. Age is all in the mind. (O.K. Anna Nicole was not the best example!) My theory is that women live longer than men, so they should marry younger. Look at all the lonely widows living in Florida. As far as a woman wanting a "dirty young man", that's WAY off base. Society has programmed us with foolish little ideas, and many people can't get past them. THEIR LOSS. Using the previous answers logic, any man 15 years older than his wife is looking for a "daughter". (That's called incest). REALLY! Try and grow up and see life and love for what it is. HOW OLD IS YOUR HUSBAND?? <<>> AnswerHurray to the last poster! Well said! I am 4 years older than my husband and his brother married a woman almost 8 years older and both of our marriages are successful (just had our 34th wedding anniversary.) My husband and his brother are ALL MAN and don't require another mother image. A young person of 21 can be more mature than a man in his 40s to 50s. I call them "old souls" so who is to judge. It's up to the individuals and if people are paying attention they'd see that some of the younger men are getting sick of the sterotype young women of today and want a more lasting and loving relationship and go for older women. I have an acquaintance that met and married a young man 20 years younger than herself and they've been married 15 years and still going strong and are very happy together. It's not gross unless one chooses to make it so.
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