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No it is not legal do ask such things, unless you have a contract to say so. You should be able to refuse if so choose and be fine on a legal basis. I would suggest however that maybe you reconsider making a big deal out of this. As your supervisor this woman has obviously had to work hard over the years to achieve a management position. She probably also has achieved a higher education level that yourself. As a result she is now further along in her life and higher up in life than yourself. Even though it might be hard to do i feel that you should show her that you recognise this by not refusing her request for you to dress and look as she wants. As a staff member under her supervision I feel that you have an obligation to show her this respect and therefore you should be obedient enough to follow her wishes and get that hair cut, wear the skirt and heels like she has told you to. I think you will find that your relationship with her will improve greatly as a result. It is important that if you have argued with her about this subject you should as quickly as possible change your appearance as soon as possible to how she wants it, and then present yourself to her so she can see that you are doing what she asked. I'm sure if you do this and appologise to her for being disobedient she will forgive and move on. * Maybe. It depends upon the job requirements as they were explained to the prospective employee before they were hired. Such terms are not usually included in the application but should have been discussed at the interview or in accompanying material such as an employee handbook. If the employee has been working at the business under different circumstances than what was noted and then was required to change his or her style of dress it could be grounds for discrimination charges. * I disagree with the education and respect thing: just because you are smarter than a subordinate or hold a higher position (because you earned it) you still don't have the right to break the law. Therefore, it is illegal for her to require you to do this. However, bosses can be bossy. If you want to keep your job and not get a hair cut, etc., then your side of the case would hold up, from a legal standpoint. But, if you choose this route, your relationship with your boss is not going to be well at all, making work uncomfortable. I have a relative who was hurt on the job, so she is legally has the right to keep her job. Her bosses make work like heck for her and try to fire her, and she is constantly going to court for another lawsuit! I think someone shouldn't put themselves through all of that hassle and time. If you start one lawsuit, tensions will rise, and more will follow. If, however, you want to keep your job (and not have a high tension stressful work environment or hate the circumstances you might be in), you should simply submit to your boss's requests, and at least she'll remain happy. I'm sure you'll get over it eventually, and if she's happy, you're probably not going to get fired. (like i said, if you got fired based on her telling you to get a haircut and you don't, you should win in court, but work will be h*ll!). Do you want your job bad enough? Good Luck, and I hope you are happy with whichever route you choose :)

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Q: Is it legal for an employer or supervisor to require you to change your hair style wear tight short skirts and high heels?
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