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Is it legal for person 17 to date someone 4 yrs older in Texas?


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The older individual could be charged with sexual assault if they have a sexual relationship, which has a penalty of 2 to 20 years in prison.


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It matters are you and the person above 18 years old?? If so then yes :) If not.. then its illegal the older person will be arrested .

16 18 is the legal age in arkansas. if your 16 and the other person is 18 or older ,then the older person can get in trouble if the law finds out. but 18 is legal.

yes! dating someone who is older then you is legal.People do it all the time.Their was even a person who dated someone 12 years older then them!!So it's perfectly fine to date someone who's older than you.

It is legal if you are of a certain age if I am not mistaken it is 16 and older.

If the attack causes injury, then yes, the attack constitutes "injury of an elderly person", which is a felony if the State of Texas can prove the intent of the suspect to harm the elderly person. Texas Penal Code §22.04

Yes it is absolutely legal in there. You should be of legal age but. That is perfectly legal there.

Yes. In Texas, the age that a young person can legally consent to sexual activities with an adult (a person 18 or older) is 17.

when u go out with someone that is much older than u

The term older person is used to politely refer to someone who is old in age. An older person could be anyone older than you even by just 1 year.

The legal age to purchase a rifle or any other firearm in Texas is 21 years old or older. Recently, Texas ruled against overturning the minimum age to possess a firearm.

There is no law for dating. A person of any age can DATE someone older or younger that him/her without legal consequences. This "law" is a common misconception. There is no law that states an age limit for you to date someone older. However, each state has their own law on sexual consent. This law states that a relationship cannot turn sexually until both is of legal age (age of consent). If a person is an adult and have sex with someone under the age of consent, that person of age could go to jail. Most states have the age of consent set at 16. Sexual contact can be considered Statutory Rape or Sexual Misconduct depending upon the state's laws.

no you have to be 18 or older rudeboy

if your eighteen its not illegal but if your older then 18 it is illegal because 17 is not the legal age of consent.

No, the age of consent in Texas is 18, but a 17 year old can have sex with someone who is 2 years older but no more. Since the 17 year is considered a minor it would be statutory rape.

The minor is not in an legal trouble, however, the person who is not a minor can face charges. Having the baby is not necessarily considered the crime, however, the older person could be charged with statutory rape.Ê

Haha, yes it is legal but it is unnecessary I would suggest going for someone a bit older but if you want to you can because its legal.

The minimum legal age for tobacco possession or purchase in Florida is 18. HOWEVER You may USE tobacco at the age of 16 but you must NOT have cigarettes/dip on your person it has to be from someone 18 or older and they CAN NOT be selling it to you.

From what I understand Texas Law says that the age of consent is 17, as long as the older person is not more than 3 years older. So as long as the boy turns 17 when the girl turns 18 it is legal.

The older person will get arrested for/charged with supplying alcohol to a minor. The alcohol will be confiscated.

This may partly answer the question: the age of consent in Queensland is 16. This refers only to sexual intercourse, not specifically 'dating'. Also it may depend on how much older than you the person is.

Yes..the older person he is Selena Gomez..he stold my gf D:

If your a girl someone older duh!! a boy, someone younger or its just really weird........ I mean realy :D

make sure that you don't act like a little kid if you are going to date someone way older then you...then you need to step up some levels because that person will expect you to act older like that person

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