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You usually require both hand, and your feet, when you drive. It would not be practical or legal to drive withonly your left foot.

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Can you legally drive with your left foot?

Define "driving with your left foot."

Is it legal to drive while having a broken LEFT foot in New York?

Sure, you can still drive if you have no legs, the car would just need hand controls.

Can you drive a car with a fractured foot?

yes,if its your left foot and you have an automatic car.

Is left hand drive legal in the UK?

Yes. Many cars from continental Europe travel in the UK.

Is it legal to drive with your left foot in new york?

Em, what if you only have a left leg. In the UK it is. It would have to be an automatic. In the UK there are adaptions to vehicles so that legless, or armless people can drive. It looks very strange to see a steering wheel on the floor.

When is it legal to drive on the left side of the roadway?

Many countries, such as Britain, drive on the left side of the road, with the driver's seat on the right of the car. If you're in a right country, then don't drive on the left.

Is it legal to drive a vehicle while bare foot?

No, this is considered prostution. What does prostution mean?

Is it illegal to drive with your left foot?

No, it is not illegal but also depends what state your in, if your in Florida you have to have shoes on to drive with your left foot. In most other states if they pull you over for speeding or ect. then they can fine you but if they notice they won't care.

What foot are you supposed to drive with?

Your right foot works the accelerator and brake pedals; your left foot works the clutch if you're using a manual transmission.

Which foot is used for throttle in a right hand drive car?

The pedal placement is the same as in a left hand drive car.

Is it legal to buy and sell human blood?

only if the blood is from the big toe on your left foot.

Who is the tragic hero in your Left Foot?

Do you mean Your Left Foot or My Left Foot? If it is My Left foot, I would say Christy Brown.

What does the legal term remain on foot mean?

it means it is legal to have a foot

What is the legal age to drive a car in Melbourne?

The legal age to drive a car in Melbourne is 17 years of age. In other territories of Australia, the minimum age can be 18 years. Automobiles drive on the left-hand side in Australia.

How can you walk?

Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. in that order.

Diagram for a Drive belt on a craftsman lawn mower 917.272751?

There is a diagram of the belt assembly under the left foot panel. You have to get on the ground and look up at the underside of the left foot panel to see it.

Is it legal to drive without a left mirror in Virginia?

If the vehicle came from the factory equipped with a left-hand sideview mirror, it must be on the vehicle.

If you are turning left at an intersection or into a driveway you may drive to the left of a yellow line?

This is correct.Clarification: You may never "DRIVE" to the left of a yellow line. However, you may CROSS the yellow line at a right angle to make an immediate legal left turn.

How do you move around?

you take your feet and step... left foot , right foot , left foot , right foot... and so onor hop left right left right :)

How do you approach a girl you like?

Approach her ... left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, trip, get up pretend it never happened, left foot, right foot...

Is it legal to drive an automatic with 2 feet?

It is recommended to use your right foot for the brake and throttle but you won't do hard time if you don't.

How did Michael Jackson do the sidewalk?

right foot up, left foot slide into right foot, left foot up, right foot slide, left foot down, right foot up, and just repeat it

Names of different ways of batting a cricketball in cricket?

Back foot and front foot left handed or right handed straight drive cover drive and many more are the different ways of playing cricket ball in cricket.

What is the song with the line dance that says right foot right foot left foot left foot left foot left foot?

I believe you are talking about the Cupid Shuffle- To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left Now kick, now kick, now kick, now kick Now walk it by yourself, now walk it by yourself

What is the legal age to drive a motorcycle in Montreal?

what is the legal age to drive a scooter ?

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