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It would depend on the local bylaws in Pennsylvania for it to be legal to own a Serval (cat). You would certainly need a dangerous animal licence !

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Q: Is it legal to own a serval in Pennsylvania?
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Is it legal to own a Serval in the state of Texas?

yes its legal Texas is less strict but in California you have to have a wild life license

Is it legal to own a serval cat in California?

No. To my knowledge no exotic large cats are legal. You can check with the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound in Rosamond California. A serval who was privately owned by a zoo employee in California and was confiscated because it was illegal to own them. The serval ended up at the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound. Valerie (formerly of California)

Is it legal to carry lock picking tools in PA?

No. It's legal to own and carry lock picks in Pennsylvania.

Is a sugar glider legal to own in Pennsylvania?

Sugar gliders are only legal with a permit which is not being issued at this time.

Are ferrets legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes they are they are sold in pet stores and I myself own two

Is it legal to own a pet serval in Tennessee?

Actually, yes it is. The serval is one of the animals that is not listed in the Dangerous Animals law. So its acceptable for you to own one as a pet in the state of Tennessee as long as it isn't specifically prohibited in your county or district (rare). Do your research before getting a serval; they're expensive to buy and expensive to keep and remember: they're wild animals! I can tell you from experience that you will need to be prepared to deal with a lot of behavioral issues as these felines act more like dogs in my own opinion! Good luck!

Are swords legal in Pennsylvania and what is the legal age to own one?

According to 18 Pa. C. S. § 908, swords in Pennsylvania are not legal. The only time a sword may be possessed is when used as a curio or in a dramatic performance.

Is it legal for the landlord to have the tenant pay for utililies in Pennsylvania?

Pay for their own utilities? I'm sure it is legal and makes sense too.

Is it legal to buy a serval in Maryland?

i dont think so im pretty sure you have to get them imported

Is a sugar glider legal to own in North Carolina?

Yes they are. They're legal in 46 of the 48 states, Pennsylvania and California being the exceptions.

Is mace legal to carry in Pennsylvania?

It is legal for a citizen to carry Mace pepper spray in Pennsylvania.

What is a female Serval called?

A female serval.