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yes, that is why they sell cable splitters.

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Is it legal to split you cable line inside your house?


Is it legal for a store to charge extra for a us postal stamp?

yes, it just depends how much it weighs overall.... its legal anywhere.

Is it legal to charge extra for handicap room on cruise Holland America?

only if they are performing extra duties or services for you, example if your room is specialised for a particular disablility

What is extra legal killing?

The "extra" in this term refers to being outside legality - an extra legal killing is a killing done outside the law. "Extra Legal killing" is NOT legal; it is another term for murder.

Free Cable?

Cable Box Descramblers..Legal if you notify your cable company :)

Is romex cable legal to use in Brooklyn NY?

Not legal

Is it legal to purchase a television cable box on online?

Yes, it is legal to purchase a cable box online. You can buy the actual cable box but will need to subscribe to the service to activate it.

Is it legal to own a cable converter box?

no its been illegal scince jesus was around me yes it is legal to own a cable converter box

What is the legal charge for burning money?

The charge is defacing currency.

Is it legal to charge a doctor for records from doctor to doctor?

Yes it i legal to charge for paperwork, but many jurisdictions have fixed amounts they can charge for copying, faxing, etc.

Is it legal for bank to charge fee when a legal order is processed?


Is it legal to tattoo at home but not charge?


Is it legal to charge a tip?


Are tire cable chains legal in Pennsylvania?


Why is it illegal to own a cable descrambler?

1. It is legal to own a cable descrambler. If they were illegal the cable companies would be in trouble. 2. It is legal to use a cable descrambler with the permission of the cable company. FCC regulations prohibit a cable company from frivolously denying a consumer from using a privately owned descrambler. 3. It is illegal to operate a cable descrambler in such a way as to obtain services for which you have not paid.

Can you get charge if you use your gun inside your home for protection if you dont have a license?

You need to talk to a lawyer for a current, legal and correct answer. To many variables and details that you don't expand on.

Is it legal to own a descrambler and do they work?

Cable descramblers are legal to own. However they are not legal to use! They work by intercepting the signals from cable TV companies and cracking them so you can view shows without paying the fee. This is technically theft.

Is it legal to split TV cable in a residential setting?


How many legal amps can a 35mm cable conduct?


Is it legal for dish network to charge for early termination?

Yes if you signed a contract. Many companies including cell phone carriers, cable TV, etc will have you sign an agreement to get the best possible deal.

Is it legal for an LVN to be charge in a hospital that has critical care patients?

Is it legal for a Licsenced Vocational Nurse to be CHARGE over Registered Nurses in a hospital that has critical patients and is responsible to run an emergency room as charge:

Is it legal to drive with inside light on?


Do you charge tax on service call?

is it legal to charge taxes on a service call in the state of washington.

What is the aboriginal legal service?

it is an orgaisation that help Aboriginal people with legal isues free of charge.

Is it legal to charge 1st and last months rent?

That's legal in every state I know of.