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No that's not true because promiscuous women usually continue on with this behavior. Many people think that women that hop from bed-to-bed with any guy aren't worth the skin she's in, but, studies have proven that these women are hurting inside and looking for true love (a love of a parent in many cases) all in the wrong places. They simply want to feel loved and if it means by different men then that's what they feel they get at the moment. The mind is a mystery and we are all different. Your mate may have reasons for not being as highly sexual as you would like and if you can't sit down and communicate with each other then it's time to walk away. Communication is the most important thing in each of our lives and saves a lot of pain in the long-run. Take the time out and try to find out why she is this way.

2006-08-19 19:03:24
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What does 'promiscuous' mean?

having many indiscriminate or casual sexual relationships

What is a person called that has more than one sexual partner?


Does a sexual double standar still exist?

Yes, sexual double standards still exist when it comes to sexuality. Women are still considered sluts if sexually promiscuous whereas men are still considered studs if they are sexually promiscuous.

What does promiscuouc mean?

Promiscuous means transient sexual relationships. One night stands and many sexual partners is part of this life style.

How long before a relationship should turn sexual?

after you have sex the first time

How do you spell promiscruos?

The word "promiscuous" means indiscriminate or casual, and is commonly applied to someone with many sexual relationships.

What kind of person is promiscuous?

A person who is 'promiscuous' can be described as one of the following:1. Having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.2. Lacking standards of selection; indiscriminate.3. Casual; random.4. Consisting of diverse, unrelated parts or individuals; confused:

What does looking for a painter mean?

it means your looking for a sexual relationship it means your looking for a sexual relationship

Is it a sin to be in a relationship in Islam?

If you sexual relationship, then yes. It is a sin in Islam to have sexual (oral and/or intercourse sex) relationship outside licit marriage.

Why are youth most affected by chlamydia?

Younger people are typically more promiscuous and have more sexual partners than older people. Also, young teenage girls are more likely to get chlamydia than older women because of the structure of their cervixes.

What does it mean to have no sexual chemistry with someone?

There is no sexual attraction in the relationship.

What is the antonym of prude?

An antonym of the word prude could be the pejorative term "slut" or the non-pejorative term "promiscuous", which both imply loose sexual morals where prude implies strict or conservative sexual morals. However, the former word is considered "taboo" in normal speech. It would be more advisable to use the secondary term promiscuous.

What does a strictly platonic relationship mean?

A platonic relationship is a relationship in which there is no sexual intercourse.

What is Ryan Lochte's sexual orientation?

No, he recently broke up with his girlfriend and mentioned how he could be more promiscuous in the Olympic Village now that he is single.

How likely is catching mrsa threw sexual intercourse?

You are not likely to get MRSA via sexual intercourse.

Is it possible for a girl to be with a gay boy?

It is certainly possible to be friends with a gay person. However, if you are meaning to get into a relationship, this is most likely not possible unless the boy is bisexual. A gay (homosexual) boy will be predominantly or exclusively attracted to boys. This means, he will most likely not be attracted to you in a sexual or romantic way. This is needed for a sexual/romantic relationship to start. Instead of starting a relationship with the boy, you should endeavour to become good friends instead.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's sexual orientation?

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese International Footballer, has not stated his sexual orientation in public, but it is likely that he is straight. He has a child, has dated English models in the past, and is currently in a relationship with Irina Shayk.

What are the five basic relationships?

* sexual relationship * emotional relationship * mental relationship * sms relationship * long didtance relationship

Are AIDS and HIV only spread if the virus is present in your partner or can it be caused from having numerous partners?

Being promiscuous (having a lot of sexual partners) does not create HIV - you have to be infected by one of your partners (or by some other means on transmission). The fact that you are promiscuous (have a lot of sexual partners) does not significantly increase your risk of contracting HIV. The risk would arise if you were not having safer sex with them.

What do you mean by intimacy?

sexual relationship

What do you do if you have sexual relationship with your pets?

Stop it!

What does domestic relationship mean?

It means a that you live with the person. And it does not have to be a sexual relationship.

What is a employer-employee relationship?

It is were the boss has a sexual relationship with his/her employees.

Are there vaccines to prevent STD?

There are too many STD to prepare vaccines for. You should refrain from promiscuous sexual contacts. You must use the condom when not husband and wife.

How do you know your in a intimate relationship?

"Intimate" commonly means a consummated sexual relationship.