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Is it likely to get pregnant during your period if your unprotected?


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"Likely", no. But it has happened.


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There is always a possibility of getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex, even if the woman is on her period. It is just more likely during ovulation.

There is no "safe" time during a month to have unprotected sex!!

During your period is the best time to get pregnant.

Unless he wants to be a dad! A woman can get pregnant during her period.

When you have sex at any time during your cycle there is a chance that you could become pregnant.

No. You can get pregnant before, during and after your period.

Having your period after unprotected sex means you are not pregnant.

You can get pregnant any time you have unprotected sex. It is less likely when you are on your period, but it is still possible. Pregnancy is most likely 1-2 weeks before your period.

You are very UNlikely to get pregnant during your period. There is always the exception though.

Yes because you already have eggs out

You can get pregnant at any time suring your cycle if you have unprotected sex. It is less likely to get pregnant DURING your menstrual period, but it is possible. If you are trying not to get pregnant, make sure you use a condom during your whole cycle. If you've had unprotected sex and you're worried you might get pregnant, go to a helth department or Planned Parenthood and ask for the Plan B pills. They are higher does birth control pills that may stop you from getting pregnant.

You can get pregnant at any moment during your cycle, even DURING your period.

It is impossible to answer whether someone else is pregnant when we do not know things like:when was her last menstrual periodwhen did she have sexdid she have unprotected sex (a no-no, always use protection! guys and gals!)when during her cycle did she have sex

The least likely time to get pregnant is DURING your period. After that, it's a crap-shoot.

The question is, did you have unprotected sex. If you did then yes you may be pregnant. You can still get your period even if your pregnant.

Anytime you have unprotected sex it is possible to get pregnant

It is possible to get pregnant at any time during your cycle as well as when menstrating.

You can get pregnant anytime even during your period. Never have unprotected sex! Please use a condom.

Yes you can get pregnant on your last day of your period and if the condom is on right and doesn't break or slide off it's most likely to get pregnant on your period.

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