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If you mean stabilizers that you attached to the back of your bike to keep you stable the answers yes. As stabilizers stop you from falling over keeping you balanced.

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Q: Is it more safe to use a bike rollers then doing bike outside?
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Do you burn more calories running a mile or ridding your bike for a mile?

Riding a bike because your legs are doing more work then running.

What is a stationary bicycle?

You can buy something called a "trainer", which attaches to the rear wheel and lifts it off the ground. With that, and a phone book under the front wheel to get the bike level you're all set to use the bike as a stationary bike. There's also a contraption known as "rollers", where the're is a frame with some rollers in. The rear wheel sits on two rollers and the front on a single roller that's powered by a drive belt running from the rear rollers. This gives a bit more road-like feel to the riding, as it requires you to balance your bike just like on the road.

How do you put on Harley Davidson Rings on your Bike?

I would recommend taking your Harley to a professional dealer to install the rings on your bike. Doing it yourself can lead to more problems and more costs.

Can you ride a cracked bmx rim?

it depends on what your doing. if its just a bmx bike and your just cruising around and not going to parks etc. then yes you can but if your doing jumps and stuff itll crack more and can do further damage to your bike.

Where can one find more information about high rollers?

There are many websites and resources that offer information on high rollers. Some of these websites that offer information are Wikipedia, High Rollers Skating and Badger Hubs.

On bike or by bike?

by bike sounds more correct.

Are insulated garage doors quieter?

rollers make most of the noise when using the door. But an insulated door would block a little more outside noise if you are in the garage and vise versa. and i stress LITTLE

For fitness, is an exercise bike better than biking outside?

It could go either way. But, I believe that biking outside might give you more exercise because you're going up and down hills, trying to balance. With an exercise bike, you're really not going anywhere.

How many types of roller machines are used when laying asphalt and what is the purpose for each one?

You'll typically see steel drum rollers and wheel rollers (9 wheel being the most common). Drum rollers do the more coarse work, while the wheel rollers are the ones which do the finishing.

Why the bike doesn't fall in any side when you are driving it?

The thing is that the bike will NEVER fall if the centre of gravity of the bike+you system is vertically above the base of the bike. In fact, this is even more complicated: This is because the bike has two different bases (the two tyres). So, it may be that the weight of the bike+you system falls outside the range of the bases, but still the bike doesn't fall. You can tackle this problem using the principle of moments.

What is the best season of the year and what are facts about it?

summer is the best season cause you can do more stuff outside like ride your bike, swim,go to a water park, and much more.

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