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Is it natural to be going bald at 16?

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Yeah a lot of people are starting to go bald at early ages.

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What does growing bald mean?

Going bald (losing the hair on your head) can be the result of a medical condition or treatment but it can also be a natural part of aging (especially in men).

What is the impact of the bald eagle?

Bald eagles have few natural enemies

Is Matt Damon going bald?

Matt Damon is 43 years old, so it is natural for your hair to thin out a bit. However, for a middle-aged man, he still has a great head of hair. He does not look like he is going bald.

Why is my boxer dog going Bald?

Your boxer dog is going bald because it is aging.

What are the bald eagles natural predators?

None. Bald eagles do not have any natural predators, since they are top predators themselves.

Is Kevin Rudd going bald?

No he is not going bald. His hair is like every other person's.

What is the natural predator of bald eagle?

Adults have no natural predators.

What is the bald eagle's natural effect on the weather?

The bald eagle does not affect the weather, nor does any animal.

Is Elton John actually going bald?

Frankly, he is bald. Now he wears a wig.

Was Heath Ledger going bald?

No... he wasn't. He was stressed out...

What are some of the natural features of Georgia?

Chattahoochee river, Brasstown Bald

What is the term for fear of balding?

The fear of going bald is Phalacrophobia.

Your cats going bald some where?

No, she isn't, but thanks for asking.

Where is your forehead?

In between where your natural hair line is (or would be if you're bald), and your eyebrows.

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