Is it necessary to go to school to experience real life?


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2017-03-05 21:28:03
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  • Let me turn your question back on you: What is real life?

You're an adult. Does your day consist of being segregated into groups of people all your same age, simply because they're the same age? Where everyone does the same thing, sits down, shuts up, and listens to an authority figure all day? (Okay, yes, there are jobs out there like that latter, but a huge number are not). Does your day consist of being a social outcast and pariah, or looked up to by all your peers for no reason better than 'being popular'? Are bullies allowed to continually harass you, and you have no recourse, legal or otherwise?


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The prices for driving schools vary in each area they are located. Online driving schools can be a good way to learn the book part of the driver's test, but there is no replacement for the real-life experience you get in a real life driving school.

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you get an experience in a real woking environment

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Believe it or not, school is a real life situation. If you are using it in school it real life for you.

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School is part of real life... if you are using equations in school that is real.

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