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Q: Is it necessary to remove old house siding to install new siding?
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House Siding?

form_title= House Siding form_header= Install new siding in your home. Does your existing siding need to be removed?*= () Yes () No Do you want vinyl siding?*= () Yes () No WHat is your budget for new siding?*= _ [50] What color siding do you want to install?*= _ [50]

How much does it cost to remove vinyl siding on a house?

The cost to remove vinyl siding on a house will vary from company to company, and will also be impacted by the size of your home. As a general guideline, you should expect to pay between $1,000, and $3,000 to have the old siding removed, and taken away.

I have an older house but I am not sure what kind of vinyl siding I should use.?

Vinyl siding looks good and is easy to install. You shouldn't have any problems using vinyl siding on any house, old or new. Its lightweight and just nails right on.

Is vinyl siding better for certain climates?

Vinyl siding is actually good for all climates. I used to install vinyl siding for a living, and believe it or not, it can help to insulate your house and also prevent water damage.

What types of house siding are there?

Few home improvements or repairs can improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of a house like new house siding. House sinding materials have varied over the years and have included wood siding, asbestos siding, aluminium siding, vinyl siding or cement fiber siding.

How do you remove a black permanent marker stain from house siding?

It depends on how porous the siding material is. If it is fairly new, rubbing alcohol may remove it. If it is older paint that has weathered, it may be pretty hard to remove and you may have to paint over it.

How to remove mold from siding?

Use a pressure washer or a herbicide available at a local home supply house.

What is the best siding for a soffit?

I prefer aluminum. It's carefree and will last for the life of your house and is cheap and easy to install and is attractive.

How do you install vinyl siding over existing siding?

You don't do it. That is probably the dumbest thing you could do short of burning it down..... Do not ever do something that would reduce the value of your house. I would walk away from a house that had this done, regardless..... Vinyl siding is for cheap construction. As a rule, when you touch siding, it should not move. And lastly, it NEVER looks good (covering old siding with new) and ALWAYS looks cheap. Plus, you can never paint your house again....

Different Siding Materials for Your Home?

There are many different types of siding materials for the home. Siding is the house's outside skin and helps protect the home from weather. Different types of siding include wood shingles or shakes, which are expensive to buy, difficult to install and not fire resistant. Vinyl siding is inexpensive to install but might melt in the case of fire. Aluminum makes an excellent siding, however. It's still moderately expensive to buy and a bit difficult to install, but it lasts much longer than wood siding and resists fire. Its one drawback is that chalking might happen after about fifteen years, but chalk can be removed by scrubbing, then coating with a metal sealer.

How many siding squares are on an average house?

a square in siding or roofing is 100 square feet (10x10) most house are between 10 and 14 square of siding

Can vinyl house siding be painted?


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