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Is it normal for a cat to have 6 kittens?

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Yes. The only way to have fewer is to keep her in once you know she is in heat. Cats can have kittens with multiple father cats, so each time she gets out, she is liable to have more kittens. Actually, spaying the cat eliminates the issue.

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The average cat can have 3 to 6 kittens

it actually depends on the cat. if it is a more chubbier cat it will probably be around 4-6 kittens. if it is more smaller cat, it will have about 1-3 kittens.

it is perfectly normal. usually what happens is that she leaves the kittens alone so she can provide them whatever they need.

as much as the normal cat has.

No. I'm not a vet, but i think the number of cats in a litter should be at least 6.

It is perfectly normal for a cat to have only two kittens. Sometimes a cat will have only one kitten. Usually a cat will have fewer kittens in her first litter, and when she is older she will have a larger litter.

kittens stop eatting from the cat , between 6-8 weeks.

sometimes they will or they wont its not really sure

A cat has normally around 3-6 kittens but can have anywhere from 1-8. Yeah, cats generally have 3-6 kittens, but if not, they usually have 9, just as a stramge coincedence, i guess.

a cat will have around 5 or 6 kittens in a litter most of the time. my cat has 3 kittens right now. the world record of most kittens in a litter is 12 but that is very unlikely. Some cats like my friends have up to 9 or 10 Although cats usally have up to 5 or 6 kittens at a time they can keep having more litters like my old cat is dead now but she had 6 litters of 6 kittens thats 36 in her lifetime.

It can have 6-10 kittens at one time.

no they can not only if the cat and another cat can have the kittens

Yes, the kittens should be normal. However, if the cancer was genetic in nature, it is always possible that later in the life, the kittens will be afflicted with it.

normal is usually 3-4. sometimes they can mature faster and have a faster birth rate causing them to have 4-5-6 kittens during a time span

Usually Between 1 and 6 .

I don't think so because my cat had two liters of kittens and none of them twitched.

Yes. We often assume that when a cat has a litter of kittens there are several but, on occasion the cat will have only one kitten (particularly if the cat is small herself).

No. It is not possible for a male cat to have kittens. In order to have kittens a cat must have a uterus and male cats do not have a uterus. If your male cat is having kittens, it is not a male, it is a female.

we feed our cat normal adult cat food but we put some water in it.. it gets nice and soft for the small kittens!

average is 4 but a cat can have from 2 to 8 kittens

Answer: Mother cats are often defensive and agressive. When the kittens grow up and the mother cat stops caring for them, her behavior should return to normal.

Cats usually have 2-6 kittens in their first litter.

Answer: Yes. Cats can have either large or small litters.

Its normal for older cats to hiss at younger ones when they get annoyed.

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