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It's probably colostrum, or "pre-milk." It's not just common; it's normal. Not sure why you notice it at night, though. It could be your sleeping position.

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What does it mean when you have sore nipples and clear liquid coming out of your breast?

um the only way liquid could come out of your breasts is if your pregnant. during pregnancy, your breasts fill with milk. or this liquid could be something else. not too sure. but if your pregnant, its most likely breast milk.

Are you pregnant if your breasts leak clear liquid?

yes for me 4 years ago when i had my daughter Madison my breasts leaked a clear to yellowish liquid, i began to have this happen to me about 13 weeks to 20 weeks and it will continue to happen until your milk comes in. My doctor at the time who delivered Madison said it was normal, it is a sugar type fluid your breasts make, and it is a vital importance the first couple days to breastfeeding, he said that light white to yellowish sticky type fluid from breasts is normal.

Why are your breasts producing a liquid substance?

because you're pregnant and lactating? if you're not then go see a doctor.

Can you squeeze milk out your breast while pregnant?

Once your breasts fill with milk, the nipple can be squeezed to expell the liquid. Also while pregnant the breasts can leak something called colostrum which is what the baby eats when it is first born.

With morning sickness is your vomit thick liquid?

I am pregnant with my 5th, and any time I vomit when pregnant the consistency is different. It is thicker and harder to get up and out. I think your digestion is slower when you are pregnant, and this accounts for part of the problem. Definitely normal!

You are 18 weeks pregnant and you have an 18 month old son as well so this is not your first pregnancy is it normal that your breasts are VERY slowly leaking a clearish liquid?


If you have fluid coming out of your breasts are you pregnant?

If you are leaking a yellowish color liquid out of your breast there is a very large chance that you are pregnant... take a pregnancy test and good luck I wouldn't count on it completely although it is possible. Just remember, leakage from nipples (if not pregnant) means infection.

I missed my period and i have clear liquid coming from my breasts when i squize them but my boyfriend didnt cum inside me ...can i be pregnant please help im so stressed out.?

Yes, drainage from breasts is an early sign of pregnancy... or another problem. Either way, get it checked out.

Is it normal for a fourteen year old girl to produce liquid from her breasts?

Not unless she is pregnant. A little liquid might be alright, but if it is noticeable then that might be a sign of a problem and should probably be looked at by a doctor just ot make sure that everything is alright.

Do girls' breasts secrete a watery liquid after puberty?


Can only the liquid not the sperms make a woman pregnant?

a women can get pregnant by the liquid cause it does carry sperm

Is discharge a sign of breast cancer?

You mean vaginally? No. Discharge is normal. You mean liquid leaking from your breasts? It can be but that can also happen during puberty or other hormonal changes in life.

What does it mean if your breasts are sore?

You may be pre-mentrating (getting close to your period). Your hormones increase the liquid in your breasts. It will pass & they will return to normal size. 2. You may be pregnant. Your breasts are starting to produce and store milk for the baby. Breast soreness in itself can be caused by many things from a approaching period, to just finishing your period to pregnancy, bra rubbing your breasts etc. Anything can cause breast soreness.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and i have yellow liquid leaking from my breasts what is it?

This yellow liquid is the first of your breast milk. You can buy pads for your bra to catch it and keep your clothes clean. Go to the baby section of wal-mart and you will find alot of things there for breast feeding.

You stopped breastfeeding 7 months ago you noticed in one breast that when you squeeze it a bit of liquid comes out Also you have been cramping Are these pregnancy symptoms or menstrual symptoms?

You might be pregnant - take a test These are menstrual symptoms, it takes a while for your breasts to dry up, not pregnant.

Why do people urinate in the morning?

People urinate in the morning to excrete liquid waste from their bladders.

What will happen to liquid if you mix with oil?

Depends on which liquid.

Is liquid from the breasts signs of pregnancy?

Yes or it may be a sign of hormonal imbalance

What happen when liquid mixed with other liquid?

when you mixed liquid to another liquid its mix together

When a woman isn't pregnant is there any liquid in her uterus?

You do not have any type of liquid in non pregnant uterus. The uterine lining is wet as expected.

Are you pregnant if your breasts leak clear liquid when you squeeze them?

This could be pregnancy related if your about 3 months along yes or a nipple discharge cause by drinking too much coffee or a nipple infection. Do a test and see your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if you feel very unusual your breasts have a small amount of liquid coming out and other symptoms the pregnancy tests results were negative?

I have had a similar thing happen to me. Colostrum leakage has been the first sign of pregnancy for me in my last 3 pregnancies. Sometimes, it takes longer for the tests to show positive. I knew I was pregnant with the last baby and the Dr. insisted I was not. I waited a week and went to another doctor where they were able to tell I was most definitely pregnant. Needless to say, I switched doctors at the point. :)

What happen to a liquid when it releases enough energy?

the liquid freezes.

When The transparent liquid comes from penis have pregnant?


If your pregnant does clear liquid come out?