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There could be something wrong with it's diet.

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Q: Is it normal for a guinea pig to shed or lose hair with no other symptoms?
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Is it normal for a Guinea pigs hair to stand up?

depends on what breed it is but if a guinea pigs hair dose stand up there is nothing wrong with it.

Is it normal for a guinea pig not having hair on its ears?

Yes, most breeds have no hair on the ears.

Is it normal for a 5 week old guinea pig to lose hair and be scared of everything?

NO!!!!!!!!!! that is not normal take it to a vet immediately

What are symptoms of guinea pig mites?

Well first your guinea pig starts losing hair then it gets sick and it gets really skinny and then it dies s get a vet to have a check up on your guinea pig once a week

What does it mean when your guinea pig loses hair?

why is my guinea pig loses hair

Why does your guinea pig pull out your rabbits hair?

Not sure if you have actually seen your guinea pig pull out rabbit hair, or if you have just noticed rabbit hair around. Guinea pigs generally do not mix well with other animals. This is not because of the guinea pigs, but that other animals tend to attack them. You may be seeing the aftermath of some conflict? Most breeders recommend that you don't house guinea pigs with rabbits or rats.

What causes guinea pigs to have hair loss?

It is either due to stress but other wise, I don't have a clue. That is what happened to my guinea pig.

What age does a guinea pig grow hair?

guinea pigs are born with fur unless the are skinny guinea pigs ( breeds with no hair)

Are guinea pigs supposed to have hair on their ears?

No guinea pigs do not have hair on their ears and slightly behind them!

Can you cut guinea pig hair?

I cut my guinea pig's hair and nothing has gone wrong.

How long does a baby guinea pig take to grow all its hair?

Guinea pigs are born with hair.

How can you cut your guinea pigs hair?

don't cut guinea pigs hair unless u have a long-haired guinea pig i would take it to the vet

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