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Also, can help prevent prostate cancer as the previous author mentioned, due to cleaning the urethra.

Yes, it is your body's natural reaction, and it's purpose is to clean the urethra after sex. Perfectly normal! Plus, during sex you are repeatedly pushing against your bladder...Another reason to have to urinate right after sex. It's perfectly normal.

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Q: Is it normal for a male to have to urinate badly after sex?
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What is the worst thing to do if you have to urinate BADLY?

The WORST things to do if you have to urinate BADLY are to:hear running waterput your hands in extra cold or extra warm waterride in a jostling vehiclefeel vibrationshave sexand, the absolute worst, ignoring it-- because you can't for long.

What is the sex chromisome for a normal human male?

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What is the normal complement of sex chromosomes in a human male?


What is the sex chromosome combination of a normal human male?


The normal complement of sex chromosomes for a human male is what?

1 x and 1 y for a male

What happen when you don't urinate?

after sex I feel urinate again and again

What pair of chromosomes is not homologous in a normal male karyotype?

sex chromosomes

Should you urinate after sex if you are trying to conceive?

Your chances of conceiving will not be affected if you urinate or not.

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Is it normal to want to know?..............And not if it's in her stink-box/ weirdo

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The human male has both an X and Y chromosome which determines the sex of an offspring. Female only have the X chromosome.

Is urinating while having first time sex normal 13 years old and am scared I did something wrong?

Dont worry...its normal for people to urinate while having sex...however a word of advice buddy...please refrain from sex until you are of the legal age, and maturity...

What is the male geneotype?

Maleness is not a genotype but a combination of sex chromosomes. A normal human male has an X as well as a Y chromosome.

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Men have this thing called a penis. That's what they urinate out of. It is also their sex organ that they ejaculate out of.

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Why did he feel he needed to urinate durin sex?

he had to nud

Can men's foreskin cause infections in a woman vagina?

Not if he is clean. Normal bacteria from a penis, cut or uncut, can cause a UTI which is why it's good to urinate after sex.

What are the human sex chromosomes?

X and Y are the human sex chromosomes. Normal females have XX, normal males have XY. In humans, it is the presence of a Y chromosome that makes a person male, not the ratio to or number of X chromosomes. (Therefore a person with XXY would be male).

Is it ok for a man to urinate during sex for fun?


Is it possible for the male urethra opening to close up or become smaller?

If you do not protect yourself in sex, a rare STI can create a calcification around the entryway of the urethra and you will be unable to urinate.

What are normal hematocrit values?

Normal values vary with age and sex. Adult male range is 42-52%, adult female 36-48%.