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It really depends when you are getting this brown discharge. Brown blood at the beginning of a period is quite normal. Brown blood for a day or so at any other time during your cycle is not normal. If you are meaning that you are getting a brown discharge everyday throughout your whole cycle, it sounds like the pill that you are taking is not strong enough for you. It is not strong enough to regulate when your body is to bleed and when not to bleed, meaning that you are bleeding a tiny bit everyday. I would go back to your doctor and get a different prescription for another pill. There are many to take and you need to find the right one for you. It is NOT normal for a 14 year old to be sexually active, in fact it is ILLEGAL.

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Q: Is it normal for a sexually active 14-year-old who uses birth control to regulate her periods to get a brown discharge?
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If at 17 not sexually active but should they go on birth control to regulate myself?

No. Actually when starting birth control it can cause your periods to be irregular at first.

Who should use birth control pill?

Females who are sexually active, want to be protected from pregnancy, or would like to regulate there menstrual cycle, should use birth control.

What if your period irregular what to do to make it regulate?

Birth control usually does the trick to regulate your period.

Which two systems regulate and control the body's functions?

The two systems that regulate and control the body's functions are the Nervous System, and the endocrine system.

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How do you regulate my period?

Go to a your physician . Birth control , or surgery can help regulate your menstrual cycle

What does birth control pill protect you against?

The birth control pill has the ability to protect against pregnancy and to regulate the menstrual cycle. It has absolutely NO ability to protect against any form of sexually transmitted diseases, either bacterial (such as chlamydia) or viral (such as HIV/AIDS).

How can you talk your mom into letting you on birth control?

you could lie and explain to her that you need it to regulate your periods or just be completely honest and tell her you are sexually active but you want to be safe responsible and adult about it. Either one is effective

How do you control quick discharge?

by pc muscle yoga, it wiil be control.

Does birth control increase vaginal discharge?

Some methods of birth control increase vaginal discharge, and others decrease discharge. Contact your health care provider or pharmacist for information specific to your situation.

Why I am having bloody discharge. I am 16- not pregnant and I am not sexually active?

Its your period, you get it every month, or sometimes, if your on a birth control, or if something is wrong with your body and its not used to it, then you could bleed until your body is used to it.

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How do virgins control discharge when excited?

No one can control discharge. It's a part of our system to keep the vagina healthy. Women have discharge all the time but it changes slightly when it gets closer to the time of having our period. Wether you are a virgin or not have nothing to do with it. Discharge is not linked to the hymen.

How do you get bacteria infections?

If you are referring to a bacterial vaginal infection, then it is called Bacterial Vaginosis. This is not felt to be a sexually transmittted disease, but it is generally seen in situations where there are multiple sexual partners. The most common symptoms are a vaginal discharge and a "fishy" odor. It can be seen along with Sexually Transmitted Diseases an use of an IUD for birth control.

Does birth control cause white vaginal discharge?

Some women complain of an increase in vaginal discharge on hormonal birth control. This discharge has no odor or itch. If it's troublesome, contact your health care provider for advice.

Can the birth control pill cause a yellow discharge without odor?

The birth control pill can change vaginal discharge, but a yellow discharge is a possible sign of infection. See your health care provider as soon as possible.

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pH measures acidity so i would say a base would regulate it

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There are several factors that control and regulate cell division. They are CDKs, or cyclin depending protein kinases. Cyclins are a class of regulatory proteins in the cell.

What is regulate tablet consumed for?

A regulate tablet is taken by a woman whose period is not regular. Medications that help regulate your period include birth control pills and hormone therapy.

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if you have uterine fibroid tumors and leukorrhea has occured, can it still be cured my discharge is out of control